• Super Why as Arthur
  • Princess Presto as DW
  • Alpha Pig as Buster
  • Wonder Red as Francine
  • Woofster as Pal
  • Baby Joy as Baby Kate (both are babies)
  • Mr. Beanstalk as David Read
  • Mrs. Beanstalk as Jane Read
  • Jack Beanstalk as Binky
  • Jill as Emily 
  • Little Boy Blue as Brain 
  • Poppa Pig as Mr. Rathbun
  • Middlest and Eldest Pig as Tiddie Twins 
  • Peter Piper as Arry
  • Red's Grandma as Grandma Thora 
  • Princess Pea's Mom as Buster's Mom
  • The Veggies and Animals (from VeggieTales and Peppa Pig) as Other Characters
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