• Super Why as Peter
  • Wonder Red as Lois
  • Princess Presto as Meg
  • Little Boy Blue as Chris
  • Woofster as Brian
  • Alpha Pig as Stewie
  • Jack Beantsalk as Quagmire
  • Mr. Beantsalk as Joe
  • Mrs. Beantsalk as Bonnie
  • Tiger (from Skunk Fu!) as Mort
  • Little Miss Daredevil (from Mr. Men) as Jilian
  • Poppa Pig as Herbert
  • Frog (from Skunk Fu!) as The Bee
  • Turtle (from Skunk Fu!) as Cleverland
  • Mr. Stubborn (from Mr. Men) as Tom Trucker
  • Little Miss Calamity (from Mr. Men) as Diane Simmons
  • Hercule Moustache the Walrus (from 64 Zoo Lane) as Ernie the Giant Chicken
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