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Season 1Edit

Ep 1.:The Three Little PigsEdit

Ep 2.:Hansel and GretelEdit

Ep 3.:Humpty DumptyEdit

Ep 4.:Jack and the BeanstalkEdit

Ep 5.:The Tortoise and the HareEdit

Ep 6.:Goldilocks and the Three BearsEdit

Ep 7.:The Boy Who Cried WolfEdit

Ep 8.:RapunzelEdit

Ep 9.:The Ugly DucklingEdit

Ep 10.:The Elves & the ShoemakerEdit

Ep 11.:Little Miss MuffetEdit

Ep 12.:CinderellaEdit

Ep 13.:The Ant & the GrasshopperEdit

Ep 14.:The Little Red HenEdit

Ep 15.:The Frog PrinceEdit

Ep 16.:The Princess and the PeaEdit

Ep 17.:Little Red Riding HoodEdit

Ep 18.:Tom ThumbEdit

Ep 19.:Little Bo PeepEdit

Ep 20.:The Emperor's New ClothesEdit

Ep 21.:The Twelve Dancing PrincessesEdit

Ep 22.:The Three Billy Goats GruffEdit

Ep 23.:ThumbelinaEdit

Ep 24.:Goldilocks & the Three Bears: The MysteryEdit

Ep 25.:Beauty & the BeastEdit

Ep 26.:RumpelstiltskinEdit

Ep 27.:Tiddalick the FrogEdit

Ep 28.:Sleeping BeautyEdit

Ep 29.:The Foolish WishesEdit

Ep 30.:The Goose & The Golden EggsEdit

Ep 31.:The Magic Porridge PotEdit

Ep 32.:PinocchioEdit

Ep 33.:Momotarō The Peach BoyEdit

Ep 34.:The Gingerbread BoyEdit

Ep 35.:The Ghost Who Was Afraid of HalloweenEdit

Ep 36.:The Stars in the SkyEdit

Ep 37.:The Three FeathersEdit

Ep 38.:The Little MermaidEdit

Ep 39.:Twas the Night Before ChristmasEdit

Ep 40.:Juan Bobo & the PigEdit

Ep 41.:Snow WhiteEdit

Ep 42.:The Rolling Rice CakesEdit

Ep 43.:Peter RabbitEdit

Ep 44.:The Boy Who Drew CatsEdit

Ep 45.:AladdinEdit

Ep 46.:Hansel and Gretel: A Healthy AdventureEdit

Ep 47.:The Swan MaidenEdit

Ep 48.:Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the StoryEdit

Ep 49.:The Three Little Pigs: Return of the WolfEdit

Ep 50.:The City Mouse & The Country MouseEdit

Ep 51.:King MidasEdit

Ep 52.:The Prince and the PauperEdit

Ep 53.:George and the DragonEdit

Ep 54.:The Swiss Family RobinsonEdit

Ep 55.:Dr. DolittleEdit

Ep 56.:Alice in WonderlandEdit

Ep 57.:The Story of Mother GooseEdit

Ep 58.:The Ugly Duckling: Becoming A SwanEdit

Ep 59.:The NutcrackerEdit

Ep 60.:The Muddled Up FairytalesEdit

Ep 61.:The Story of the Tooth FairyEdit

Ep 62.:The Comic Book: Attach of the EraserEdit

Ep 63.:The Big GameEdit

Ep 64.:The CookbookEdit

Ep 65.:The Beach Day MysteryEdit

Season 2Edit

Ep 1.:Woofster Finds a HomeEdit

Ep 2.:Webby in BathlandEdit

Ep 3.:Bathtime for BearEdit

Ep 4.:Molly's Dance ShowEdit

Ep 5.:King Eddie Who Loved SpaghettiEdit

Ep 6.:Jasper's Cowboy WishEdit

Ep 7.:Baby Dino's Big DiscoveryEdit

Ep 8.:Princess Gwennie Saves the DayEdit

Ep 9.:The Great Robot RaceEdit

Ep 10.:Around the World AdventureEdit

Ep 11.:Naila & The Magic MapEdit

Ep 12.:The Adventures of Math-a-MillionEdit

Ep 13.:Monty's Adventures in Music TownEdit

Ep 14.:Galileo's Space AdventureEdit

Season 3Edit

Ep 1.:The Story of the Super ReadersEdit

Ep 2.:Roxie's Missing Music BookEdit

Ep 3.:The Banana MysteryEdit

Ep 4.:The Underwater Lost TreasureEdit

Ep 5.:The Cowgirl MysteryEdit

Ep 6.:The Alphabet's Sad DayEdit

Ep 7.:The Silly Word PlayEdit

Ep 8.:The Rhyming CarnivalEdit

Ep 9.:A Day with Farmer Fred/The Mixed Up StoryEdit

Ep 10.:Judith's Happy ChanukahEdit

Ep 11.:The Unhappy PuppyEdit

Ep 12.:The Pupp-AthonEdit

Ep 13.:Where's WoofsterEdit

Ep 14.:Super Puppy Saves the DayEdit

Ep 15.:The Princess Who Loved MudEdit

Ep 16.:Woofster & The Pet RackEdit

Ep 17.:The Three Bears Go CampingEdit

Ep 18.:Mathis' Book of WhyEdit

Ep 19.:Attach of More ManEdit

Ep 20.:Monster MunchEdit

Ep 21.:Landon's Circus AdventureEdit

Ep 22.:Tilden the CaterpillarEdit

Ep 23.:The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo PeepEdit

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