Super Why/Toy Story are Parodies with Toy Story sounds and Super Why clips.


  • Whyatt as Woody
  • Pig as Buzz
  • Poppa Pig as Hamm
  • Paulie Pretztail (from Viva Pinata) as Slinky Dog
  • Fergy Fudgehog (from Viva Pinata) as Rex
  • Jack as Mr. Potato Head
  • Princess Pea as Bo Peep
  • Gill (from Finding Nemo) as Sarge
  • Bloat, Peach, Gurgle, Bubbles, Deb and Jacques (from Finding Nemo) as Sarge's Soldiers
  • Red as Jessie
  • Peter Piper as Lenny
  • Little Boy Blue as Wheezy
  • Blue (from Blue's Clues) as Buster
  • Mametchi (from Tamagotchi) as Andy Davis
  • Big Bad Wolf/Big Good Wolf as Sid Phillips
  • Bruce (from Finding Nemo) as Scud
  • The WordFriends (from WordWorld) as Sid's Mutant Toys
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