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* Ollie as Muno
*Kitty Katswell as Foofa
*Little Chipmunk Girl as Toodee
* Kitty Katswell as Foofa
* Zippy as Toodee
*Dudley Puppy as Plex
* Dudley Puppy as Plex
*Keswick as Muno
* Keswick as Brobee
*Ollie as Brobee
*The Chief as DJ Lance
[[Category:TUFF Puppy Parodies]]
[[Category:Yo Gabba Gabba Parodies]]

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  • Kitty Katswell as Foofa
  • Little Chipmunk Girl as Toodee
  • Dudley Puppy as Plex
  • Keswick as Muno
  • Ollie as Brobee
  • The Chief as DJ Lance
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