• Ten Cents as Richard Tyler
  • Top Hat as Adventure
  • Lillie Lightship as Fantasy
  • Grampus as Horror
  • Captain Star as The Pagemaster
  • OJ as Mr. Dewey
  • Frank as Alan
  • Eddie as Claire
  • Bluenose as Dragon
  • Hercules as Dr. Jekyll
  • Zorran as Mr. Hyde
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as Captain Ahab
  • Thomas (from Thomas) as Silver
  • Percy, Duck, Gordon, Henry, Edward, James and Toby (from Thomas) as The Pirates
  • Carla (from TT) as The Queen of Hearts
  • The Shrimpers as Ghosts Story
  • Barges as Small Guards
  • Nantucket as The Gaint Squid
  • Cabot and Snorri (from TT) as Bad Dogs
  • Cranes as The Fairies
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