• Mr. Happy (from Mr. Men) as Engie Benjy
  • Zack (from Chuggington) as Dan
  • Gremlin (from Thomas) as Jollop
  • Chug (from Planes) as Al

Version 2

  • Andrew (From The Loud House) as Engie Benjy
  • Arthur (From TTTE) as Dan
  • Gromit (From Wallace and Gromit) as Jollop
  • Fluffles (From Wallace and Gromit) as Jelly
  • Mollie (From The Loud House) as Driver Dotty
  • Bertie (From TTTE) as Bus
  • Farmer McColl (From TTTE) as Farmer Fred
  • Trevor (From TTTE) as Tractor
  • Tom Tipper (From TTTE) as Tucker Troy
  • James (From TTTE) as Big Rig
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