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Season 1

Ep 1.: "The Kite Festival"

Ep 2.: "The Aquarium Fix It"

Ep 3.: "Carnival"

Ep 4.: "Picnic"

Ep 5.: "Super Trip to the Supermarket"

Ep 6.: "Subway Heroes"

Ep 7.: "The Milk Out"

Ep 8.: "The Dinosaur Museum Mishap"

Ep 9.: "The Rolling Toy Parade"

Ep 10.: "Special Delivery"

Ep 11.: "Ready for Take Off"

Ep 12.: "The Ice Cream Truck"

Ep 13.: "The Wild West Toy Train Show"

Ep 14.: "The Butterfly Dance Show"

Ep 15.: "The Elephant Sprinkler"

Ep 16.: "Playground Heroes"

Ep 17.: "To the Library"

Ep 18.: "Race Around Umi City"

Ep 19.: "Favorite Things Show"

Ep 20.: "The Big Boat Race"

Season 2

Ep 1.: "Chicks in the City"

Ep 2.: "The Ghost Family Costume Party"

Ep 3.: "Into the Snow Fest We Go!"

Ep 4.: "Santa's Little Fixers"

Ep 5.: "The Great UmiCar Rescue"

Ep 6.: "Purple Monkey Mission"

Ep 7.: "Day at the Museum"

Ep 8.: "Super Soap"

Ep 9.: "Counting Comet"

Ep 10.: "Crazy Skates"

Ep 11.: "Milli Saves the Day"

Ep 12.: "Umi Fire Truck"

Ep 13.: "Ellee the Elephant"

Ep 14.: "Umi Egg Hunt"

Ep 15.: "The Legend of the Blue Mermaid"

Ep 16.: "Shark Car"

Ep 17.: "The King of Numbers"

Ep 18.: "Fantastic Mega Pilot Fight"

Ep 19.: "Umi Toy Store"

Ep 20.: "Buster the Lost Dog"

Season 3

Ep 1.: "Cuckoo Bears"

Ep 2.: "The Incredible Presto"

Ep 3.: "Stompasaurus"

Ep 4.: "Job Well Done!"

Ep 5.: "Rainy Day Rescue"

Ep 6.: "The Shape Bandit"

Ep 7.: "Shooting Star!"

Ep 8.: "Presto's Magic House"

Ep 9.: "DoorMouse in Space"

Ep 10.: "The Umi Games"

Ep 11.: "The Kitty Rescue"

Ep 12.: "The Great Shape Race"

Ep 13.: "Animal School House"

Ep 14.: "Doctor Bot"

Ep 15.: "Boardwalk Games"

Ep 16.: "Lost and Found Toys"

Ep 17.: "Let's Play Math Dragons!"

Ep 18.: "Haircut Hijinx"

Ep 19.: "The Umi City Treasure Hunt"

Ep 20.: "A Sledding Snow Day"

Season 4

Ep 1.: "The Boy With the Dragon Skateboard"

Ep 2.: "City of Lost Penguins"

Ep 3.: "UmiCar's Birthday Present"

Ep 4.: "Robo Tools"

Ep 5.: "The Sunshine Fairy"

Ep 6.: "Little Panda Joe"

Ep 7.: "Stolen Lunches"

Ep 8.: "Meatball Madness"

Ep 9.: "Umi Grand Prix"

Ep 10.: "Gloopy Fly Home"

Ep 11.: "Movie Madness!"

Ep 12.: "Umi Ninjas"

Ep 13.: "UmiCops!"

Ep 14.: "Umi Knights"

Ep 15.: "Lost Fairy Tales in the City"

Ep 16.: "Sleeping UmiCar"

Ep 17.: "Gizmos Gone Wild!"

Ep 18.: "Umi Space Heroes"

Ep 19.: "Umi Quest Journey"

Ep 20.: "Umi Rescue Copter"