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September 12, 1992 – November 6, 1993

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Basically an animated version of the 1964 live-action sitcom version of The Addams Family, produced by Hanna-Barbera and aired on ABC's Saturday morning block from 1992 to 1993. John Astin from the 60s sitcom reprised the role of Gomez.

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This show mainly uses Hanna-Barbera, Series 4000 and a few Warner Bros. sound effects and from Season 1 it mainly uses General Series 6000, Series 1000 and Series 2000 sound effects and from Season 2 it mainly uses Cartoon Trax Volume 1 and The Premiere Edition Volume 1 sound effects. The sound editing was done at Three Rivers Editorial (uncredited in the first season.)

TV Show Intro

The theme song is sung in a bass voice, including thunder, screaming and train sound effects.

Danske Stemmer

  • Donald Andersen – Gomez Addams
  • Hans Henrik Bærentsen – Onkel Fester
  • Lars Thiesgaard – Pugsley
  • Vibeke Dueholm – Wednesday

Sound Effects Used

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