• Roy (from ROY) as Roddy
  • Belinda (from Rugrats) as Rita
  • Brum (from Brum) as Sid
  • Chester V as The Toad
  • King Goobot as Spike
  • Ooblar as Whitey
  • Major Clanger as Le Frog
  • The Clangers as Henchfrogs
  • Jimmy Neutron as Officer Collin
  • Tommy (from ROY) as Bread Prophet
  • Jumbah (from Boohbah) as Pegleg the Pirate Rat
  • Little Dog Fido (from Boohbah) as Pegleg's Goldfish
  • Bill (from ROY) as Artist the Rat
  • Zing Zing Zingbah (from Boohbah) as Tex the Rat
  • Betty Quanlin as Edna
  • Humbah (from Boohbah) as Ballon Seller
  • Kathy (from ROY) as The Fat Bride Rat
  • The Fairly OddParents characters as Slugs
  • Sardines as The Fly
  • Big Bad (from Brum) as The Cat at the end
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