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  • Timmy Turner as Toby Thompson
  • Cosmo as Mr. Bill Thompson
  • Wanda as Mrs. Jane Thompson
  • Chester McBadbat as Lug and Loogie Short
  • AJ as Laser Short and "Nose" Noseworthy
  • Helvetica Black as Vicky
  • Stacey Thompson as Veronica
  • Justin and Lorna (from Tikkabilla) as Chip Skylark
  • Jack Coleman and Myles Anderson (from fun song factory) as Tootie
  • Thomas, Fimbo, Pingu, Letter A, Rosie, Jim, Peppa, Numberjack 3 and Engie Benjy (from Thomas and Friends, Fimbles, Pingu, Alphablocks, Rosie and Jim, Peppa Pig, Numberjacks and Engie Benjy) as Timmy Turner's Parents
  • Mr. Carbon Black as Francis
  • Fred, Bertha and Kevin (from Fred: The Show) as Remy Buxaplenty
  • Tina (from Barney) as Trixie
  • Cole Black as an enormous dung beetle as Mr. Crocker
  • Dr. Noseworthy as Jorgen Von Strangle
  • Colbert "Cole" Black as Binky Abdul
  • Britney Spears and Rónán Keating as Blonda
  • Lupe (from Fanboy & Chum Chum) as Cupid
  • Sinead and Kathy (from ROY) as Juandissimo
  • Dexter (from Dexter's Laboratory) as Big Daddy
  • Dee Dee (from Dexter's Laboratory) as Mama Cosma
  • Barney and Dora (from Barney and Dora the Explorer) as Bucky McBadbat
  • Blinker #1 as Anti-Cosmo
  • Blinker #2 as Anti-Wanda
  • The Wishing Rock as Mark Chang
  • The Robots Becoming Evil as Mr. Carbon Black as the Most Powerful Thing In The Entire World
  • Mandie as Helvetica Black as an Enormous Wasp
  • The Fairly OddParents! as Episode Zero: The Blinkers
  • Escape From Unwish Island as Episode One: Lug, Loogie and Laser In: The Wishing Rock
  • Future Lost as Episode Two: Toe Thompson in Alien8ed
  • Invasion of the Dads as Episode Three: The Grownups In The Miscommunicaters
  • Hassle in the Castle as Episode Four: Nose Noseworthy In Big Bad Booger