• Adult Simba as Iggle Piggle
  • Adult Nala as Upsy Daisy
  • Timon as Makka Pakka
  • Young Simba as Tombliboo Unn
  • Pumbaa as Tombliboo Ooo
  • Young Nala as Tombliboo Eee
  • James’ Lady’ Skarloey’ Rheneas’ Harvey’ Mike’ Marion’ Annie’ Clarabel’ and Henrietta (from Thomas) as The Pontepines
  • Gordon’ Belle’ Sid Handel’ Edward’ Bert’ Fergus’ Hong-Mei’ Frieda’ Millie’ and Lexi (from Thomas) as The Wottingers
  • Casey Jr. (from Dumbo) as Ninky Nonk
  • Harold (from Thomas) as Pinky Ponk
  • Mufasa’ Zazu’ Scar’ Sarafina‘ and Sarabi’ as The Haahoos
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