Cast Edit

  • Lincoln Loud as Sheep
  • Exterminator as General Specific
  • Manager as Private Public
  • Billy as Major Minor
  • Lynn Loud Sr. as Farmer John
  • Howard McBride as Ben Plotz
  • Lisa Loud as The Angry Scientist (genderbent role)
  • Robot Todd as Plot Device (genderbent role)
  • Albert as General Lee Outrageous
  • T-Bone as Private Party
  • Sue as Lady Virginia Richington
  • Lola Loud as Lisa Rental
  • Clyde McBride as X Agent
  • Tippy the Cow as Oxymoron (genderbent role)
  • Colonel Crackers as Ham Sandwich
  • Flip as Victor
  • Bernie as Jay
  • Ronnie Anne Santiago as Swanky the Poodle
  • Chunk as Great Scott
  • Leni Loud as Holly Molly
  • News Man Tucker as Hank
  • News Anchor as Betsy
  • Harold McBride as Irv, the Studio Accountant
  • Two Mexican Musicians (from the episode "Save the Date") as Hector and Bill
  • Lori Loud as The Ranting Swede (genderbent role)
  • Carol Pingrey as The Ranting Norwegian (genderbent role)
  • Mr. Grouse as General Public
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