The Loud House/Sonic

Cast lists Edit

  • Lynn Loud as Sonic DO NOT EDIT
  • Lisa Loud as Tails DO NOT EDIT
  • Lori Loud as Knuckles (Both are Angry)
  • Luan Loud as Amy Rose DO NOT EDIT
  • Lucy Loud as Shadow DO NOT EDIT
  • Leni Loud as Cream (Both are dumb)
  • Cristina as Rouge
  • Luna Loud as Mina (They both love rock music)
  • Chandlr as Charmy
  • and More

Version 2 (by Abbykat1286) Edit

  • Tails miles prower as Lincoln loud
  • Fiona fox as Lori loud
  • Amy rose as Leni loud
  • Nack the weasel as Luna loud (Genderbent role)
  • Cream the rabbit as Luan loud
  • Sticks the badger as Lynn loud,Jr
  • Rouge the bat as Lucy loud
  • Honey the cat as Lola loud
  • Tiara the Manx as Lana loud
  • Cosmo as Lisa loud
  • Bubblun (from Bubble bobble) as Lilly loud (Genderbent role)
  • Espio the chameleon as Clyde McBride
  • Vanilla the rabbit as Rita loud
  • Big the cat as Lynn loud,sr
  • Silver the hedgehog as Bobby Santiago
  • Rocky as Charles
  • Pocky as Cliff
  • Wocky as Geo
  • And Flicky as Walt

Episodes (Abbykat1286's version) Edit


The sonic house pilot

Slice of life

Deuce wild

Season 1:

Left in the dark/Get the message

Heavy meddle/Making the case

Driving miss bunny/No guts,no Fiona

The sweet spot/A tale of two tables

Project sonic house/In tents debate

Sound of silence/Space invader

Picture perfect/Undie pressure

Ben or swim/Changing the dragon

Overnight success/Ties that bind

Hand me downer/Sleuth or consequences

Butterfly effect/The green house

Along came a sister/Chore and peace

For bros about to rock/Its a sonic,sonic,sonic,sonic house

Toads and tiaras/Two boys and a dragon

Cover girls/Save the date

Attention deficit/Out on a limo

House music/A novel idea

April fools rules/Cereal offender

Ben muttski: girl guru/Come sale away

Roughin it/the waiting game

The sonicest yard/Raw deal

Dance dance resolution/A fair to remember

One of the boys (and girls)/A Tattler's tale

Funny business/Snow bored

The price of admission/One flu over the sonic house

Study muffin/Homespun

Dance dance resolution/A fair to remember

  1. Left in the dark/Get the message

Heavy meddle/Making the case

Version 3 (Samracheltang88 version) Edit

Lincoln Loud as sonic Clyde Mcbride as Tails Lynn Loud Jr. as Knuckles Ronnie Anne as Amy Rose

Verison 4 Edit

Lincoln as sonic Edit

leni as tails Edit

luna as knuckles Edit

lola as amy Edit

lori as shadow Edit

lucy as rouge Edit

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