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  • Phoebe as Supergirl
  • Dorothy Ann as Batgirl
  • Wanda as Wonder Woman
  • Keesha as Bumblebee
  • Jyoti as Poison Ivy
  • Janet as Harley Quinn
  • Tiffany as Katana
  • Ms. Frizzle as Hawkgirl
  • Kai-Lan (from Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) as Catwoman
  • Milli (from Team Umizoomi) as Star Sapphire
  • Molly (from Bubble Guppies) as Miss Martian
  • Dora (from Dora the Explorer) as Starfire
  • Alicia (from Dora the Explorer) as Frost
  • Uniqua (from The Backyardigans) as Cheetah
  • Fiona Frizzle as Starfire
  • Carlos as Beast Boy
  • Ralphie as Flash
  • Arnold as Green Lantern
  • Tim as Cyborg

Version 2

  • Phoebe as Supergirl