• Brick as Flik
  • Blossom as Princess Atta
  • Bubbles as Dot
  • Snake as Thorny
  • Ace as Cornelius
  • Mrs. Keane as Dr. Flora
  • Princess Morbucks as The Queen
  • Him as Hopper
  • Boogie Man as Thumper
  • Big Billy as Manny
  • Mrs. Keane as Gypsy
  • Skinny Slim as Mr. Soil
  • Professor Utonium as Slim
  • Boomer as Heimlich
  • Butch as Francis
  • Buttercup as Rosie
  • Bossman as Dim
  • The Mayor as P.T. Flea
  • Floyd as Tuck
  • Lloyd as Roll
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