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The Premiere Edition Volume 1 is a general sound effects library made by The Hollywood Edge. It was first released on August 13, 1990. It happens to be one of the most popular general sound effects collections available. It physically consists of a collection of 20 CDs with 1,458 sound effects. It Happened to be worse than Sound Ideas General 6000! Don't buy this Library!


Sound Categories

PE-01 - Nature Ambiances

PE-02 - Animals

PE-03 - Wind

PE-04 - Water

PE-05 - Rain & Thunder, Fire, Bubbles

PE-06 - Planes & Trains

PE-07 - Cars

PE-08 - Traffic, Sirens, Motors, Busses

PE-09 - Guns & Ricochets, Explosions, Fireworks

PE-10 - Fights, Body Falls, Cracks, Whips

PE-11 - Crashes, Swishes, Impacts

PE-12 - Sports & Boats

PE-13 - Human Sounds

PE-14 - Crowds, Kids, Babies, Heartbeats

PE-15 - Interior Ambiences

PE-16 - Household

PE-17 - Telephones, Cameras, Clocks

PE-18 - Doors, Elevators, Creaks, & Squeaks

PE-19 - Beeps, Bells, Buzzers, Rumbles & Tools

PE-20 - Electronic, Sci-Fi

PE-01 - Nature Ambiances

Animals-Bird BGs

Forest Ambience Bird PE010101

Forest Ambience Mix PE010201

Forest Ambience Dis PE010301

Bird Chirp Close Dis PE010401

Morning Park Bird Me PE010501

Geese Ducks Pond Medi PE010601

Mountain Ambience In PE010701

Animals-Jungle BGs

Jungle Ambiencespe PE010801

Amazon Jungle Ambien PE010901

Amazon Jungle Ambien PE011001

Night Jungle Ambienc PE011101

Night Jungle Ambienc PE011201

Night Jungle Ambienc PE011301

Night Jungle Ambienc PE011401

Night Ambience Light PE011501

Night Ambience Heavy PE011601

Night Ambience Light PE011701

Night Ambience Calm PE011801

Night Ambience Larg PE011901

Animals-Insects Single

Single Cricket Spora PE012001

Animals-Insects BG

Swarm Flies Close Per PE012101

Country Night Ambien PE012201

Country Night Ambien PE012301


Swamp Ambience Larg PE012401

Swamp Ambience Mix PE012501

Swamp Ambience Mix PE012601

Marsh Ambience Large PE012701

Animals-Jungle BGs

Exotic Rain Forest PE012801

PE-02 - Animals


Bird Cactus Wren Rhyt PE020101

Bird Canary SingingC PE020201

Bird Chickens

Birds Chickens Cackl PE020301

Bird Crows

Bird Crow Caws CloseP PE020401

Bird Ducks

Bird Duck Quacks Clos PE020501

Bird Flickers

Bird Flicker Rhythmi PE020601

Bird Geese

Birds Geese Quacking PE020701

Bird Hawks

Bird Hawk Single Scre PE020801

Bird Hawk Single Scre PE020901

Bird Hawk Single Call PE021001

Bird Hawk Single Call PE021101

Bird Meadowlark

Bird Meadow Lark Happ PE021201

Bird Parrot

Bird Parrot VariousS PE021301

Bird Peacock

Bird Peacock Calls Cl PE021401

Bird Rooster

Bird Rooster Two Crow PE021501

Bird Seagull

Bird Seagull Four Sin PE021601

Bird North American Forest

Bird North AmericanF PE021701

Bird Sparrow

Bird Sparrow Singing PE021801

Bird Vulture

Bird Vulture Two Very PE021901

Bird Woodpecker

Bird Woodpecker Chir PE022001

Bird Wren

Bird Wren Singing Clo PE022101


Boar Wild Grunts Sque PE022201


Bull Roar Medium Pers PE022301


Cats Two Meowing Clos PE022401

Cat Meows Close Persp PE022501

Cats Two Angry YowlsD PE022601

Cat Purring Very Clos PE022701


Cougar Cubs Purr Whin PE022801


Cow Moos Three TimesC PE022901

Cows Herd Multiple Mo PE023001


Dog Large Barks Inter PE023101

Dog Medium Barks Inte PE023201

Dog Small Yelps Barks PE023301

Dog Small Angry Barks PE023401

German Shepard Barks PE023501

Rottweiler Vicious B PE023601

Rottweiler Vicious G PE023701

Dog Large Angry Barks PE023801

Dogs Three Barks Howl PE023901

Dog Large Vicious Gro PE024001

Dog Large Growls Snee PE024101

Dog Large Pants VeryR PE024201

Dog Large Drinks Wate PE024301

Dog Large Eats Hard Cr PE024401

Puppies High pitched PE024501


Dolphin Chirps Vocal PE024601


Donkey Brays MediumT PE024701


Elephant Trumpeting PE024801

Elephant Honks Blows PE024901


Elk Honks Squeals Med PE025001


Goat Baas Close Persp PE025101


Horses Several Whinn PE025201

Horse Blow Single Clo PE025301

Horse Gallop By On Har PE025401

Horses Two Gallop Ste PE025501

Horses Four Full Gall PE025601

Horses Two Milling Ab PE025701


Leopard Roars Growls PE025801


Lion Growls Close Per PE025901

Lions Several Growli PE026001

Lion Cubs Two Small Gr PE026101


Chimpanzee Screeche PE026201


Moose Calls Raspy Hon PE026301


Pig Squeals Grunts Me PE026401

Pig Squeals Higherpi PE026501

Pig Squeal Altered Me PE026601

Pigs Several Snortin PE026701


Rattlesnake Tail Rat PE026801

Rattlesnake Tail Rat PE026901


Sheep Baa Medium Pers PE027001

Sheep Several Baas Me PE027101


Wolf Vicious GrowlsS PE027201

Wolf Howls Close Pers PE027301

PE-03 - Wind


Light Wind Trees Wisp PE030101

Light Wind Steady Wi PE030201

Light Wind Steady Med PE030301

Light Wind Trees Cold PE030401

Light Wind Leaf Rustl PE030501

Medium Wind Hvy Gusts PE030601

Medium Wind Cold Gust PE030701

Medium Wind Trees PE030801

Medium Wind Eerie Dee PE030901

Medium Wind Gust Eeri PE031001

Wind Rumble Eerie Asc PE031101

Eerie Wind ADeep Moan PE031201

Wind Rumble Eerie Asc PE031301

Gusts Heavy Whirling PE031401

Gusts Med Wind Trees PE031501

Gusts Heavy Cold Wind PE031601

Gusts Heavy Wind Leaf PE031701

Gusts Very Heavy Rust PE031801

Gusts Medium Howling PE031901

Gusts Howl Swirling PE032001

Wind Hvy Howl Rumble PE032101

Wind Gust Shutter Ban PE032201

Gusts Heavy Wind Whip PE032301

Gusts Very Heavy Whip PE032401

Gusts Heavy HowlingW PE032501

Gusts Very Heavy Wind PE032601

Gusts Medium Wind Blo PE032701

Heavy Wind Close Tree PE032801

Whistling Wind Mediu PE032901

Heavy Wind Steady Hig PE033001

Whistling Wind Stead PE033101

Whistling Wind Stead PE033201

Whistling Wind Stead PE033301

Whistling Wind Stead PE033401

Heavy Wind Gusting Ho PE033501

Heavy Wind SporadicG PE033601

Very Heavy Gusty Wind PE033701

PE-04 - Water

Drinking Fountain

Drinking Fountain Ru PE040101

Water Drip

Drips Slow Small Wate PE040201

Drips Slow Gym Show PE040301

Drips In Metal Barrel PE040401

Drips From Faucet Sin PE040501

Drips Small Fall Meta PE040601

Drips Heavy Splatty PE040701

Drips Splat Leaves PE040801

Drips Hard Thick Fall PE040901

Drips Water Fall Chin PE041001

Drips Heavy Fall Liqu PE041101

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041201

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041301

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041401

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041501

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041601

Drip Single Falls Liq PE041701


Fountain Home Garden PE041801

Fountain Lg Park PE041901

Water Laps

Water Laps Sm Boat PE042001

Water Laps Lake Waves PE042101

Water Laps Lake Boat PE042201

Water Laps Calm Boat PE042301


Canoe Paddle Through PE042401

Water Plops

Water Plops Metal Buc PE042501

Water Plop In Water PE042601


Stream Small Gentle PE042701

Stream Small Medium PE042801

Stream Small Rocks PE042901


River Small Medium PE043001

River Small Roar Bg PE043101

River Medium Fast Run PE043201

River Medium Fast Run PE043301

River Large Fast Run PE043401

River Large Fast Run PE043501

Water Trickle

Water Trickle Splash PE043601

Water Trickle Light PE043701

Wade Through Water

Wade Through Water 1S PE043801

Wade Through Water 2H PE043901


Waterfall Small Bg Sp PE044001

Waterfall Small Mist PE044101

Waterfall Medium PE044201

Waterfall Medium PE044301

Waterfall Large Roar PE044401


Waves Calm Ocean PE044501

Waves Medium Size PE044601

Waves MediumlargeS PE044701


Drips Water Wring Out PE044801

PE-05 - Rain & Thunder, Fire, Bubbles


Rain Light Some Splat PE050101

Rain Light Drizzle Or PE050201

Rain Light Distant Tr PE050301

Rain Medium DistantT PE050401

Rain Medium SplattyF PE050501

Rain Medium On PorchP PE050601

Rain Heavy Fast Splat PE050701

Rain Very Heavy DownP PE050801


Thunder Dry Rumbles PE050901

Thunder Rumbles Crac PE051001

Thunder Rumbles Crac PE051101

Thunder Rumbles Crac PE051201

Thunder Heavy Rain PE051301

Rain Splatty Fall

Rain Splatty Fall Roo PE051401

Rain Heavy

Rain Heavy On Glass PE051501

Rain Light

Rain Light Med On Roof PE051601

Rain Splattering

Rain Splattering Gut PE051701

Rain Splattering Pud PE051801


Fire Small Wood RoarH PE051901

Fire Medium Wood Roar PE052001

Fire Medium Wood Roar PE052101

Fire Medium Roar Hiss PE052201

Fire Large Roar Hiss PE052301


Bubbles Cauldron Liq PE052401

Bubbles Fish Tank Bub PE052501

Bubbles Gurgling Up PE052601

Bubbles Gurgling Up PE052701

Bubbles Gurgling Up PE052801

Bubbles From Underwa PE052901

Bubbles From Underwa PE053001


Heavy Rumble Underwa PE053101

Heavy Rumble Underwa PE053201


Bubbles Loud Gum Chew PE053301

PE-06 - Planes & Trains


Airport Exterior Tar PE060101

Airport Ext Loading PE060201

Airport Interior PA PE060301


Jet Passg Take Off PE060401

Jet 727 Take Off Inter PE060501

Jet Large Int Roar PE060601

Jet 727 Landing Inter PE060701

Jet Landing Exterior PE060801

Tire Skids For Plane PE060901

Jet Taxi Ext Stop PE061001

Jet Large By Close PE061101

F15 Fighter By Away PE061201

F15 Fighter Maneuver PE061301

F111 Fighterbomber PE061401

F111 Fighterbomber PE061501

Piper Arrow Prop Plan PE061601

P51 Mustang Prop Plan PE061701

1940s Single Prop Pla PE061801

P47 Mustang Prop Plan PE061901

Twinengine Turbopro PE062001

Cessna Prop Plane Tak PE062101

Prop Plane ExteriorS PE062201

Prop Plane In By Low Ov PE062301

1940s Prop Plane By Lo PE062401

Cessna Prop Plan Land PE062501


Glider Exterior Pers PE062601

Glider Interior Pers PE062701


Helicopter Start Idl PE062801

Helicopter Close Per PE062901

Huey Helicopter Take PE063001

Helicopter Medium Cl PE063101

Huey Helicopter Stea PE063201

Huey Helicopter Inte PE063301

Helicopter Close Per PE063401

Helicopter Medium Di PE063501

Helicopter Land Clos PE063601

Huey Helicopter Inte PE063701


Spacecraft Launch Fu PE063801

Model Airplane

Model Airplane Close PE063901


Passenger Train Inte PE064001

Train Exterior Persp PE064101

Train Exterior Persp PE064201

Train Through Tunnel PE064301

Train Long From Dista PE064401

Train By Close Perspe PE064501

Freight Train Close PE064601

Train Exterior Persp PE064701

Train Horn Blow Medium PE064801

Cable Car

Cable Car By Close Bel PE064901

Subway Train

Subway Train Close PE065001

Subway Train In Stop PE065101

Subway Train Stairwe PE065201

PE-07 - Cars


Car False Starts V8 Cl PE070101

1983 V6 Chevy Stick Sh PE070201

Chevy V6 Idle Accl PE070301

Mustang 50 V8 Short Id PE070401

Sports Car 4cyl Gears PE070501

Sports Car 4cyl Gears PE070601

Sports Car Idle Rev PE070701

4 Cyl Sports Car Accel PE070801

4 Cyl Sports Car Vari PE070901

4 Cyl Sports Car Stead PE071001

4 Cyl Sports Car Decel PE071101

Racy Foreign Car Fast PE071201

Porsche Start CloseA PE071301

Model TStart Variabl PE071401

V8 Car Start Accelera PE071501

Car Interior Highway PE071601

Volkswagen Bug Inter PE071701

Volkswagen Bug Inter PE071801

Jeep Start Idle Close PE071901

Car Idle Fan On CloseP PE072001

1988 V8 Car Idle Close PE072101

V8 Car Start Medium To PE072201

Car Slow Idle Then Off PE072301

V8 Car In Stop ldle Awa PE072401

V8 Car Medium Stop OnD PE072501

V8 Car Start Close Awa PE072601

Car Skid

V8 Car Fast Skid To Sto PE072701

V8 Car Start Peel Out PE072801

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car Perf PE072901

Car Engine

1964 Cadillac Very Sl PE073001

Lincoln Town Car

Lincoln Town Car Long PE073101

Model T

Model TFord Slow Stop PE073201

Toyota Celica Car Squeal

1986 Toyota Celica Fa PE073301

Chevrolet Corsica

1987 Chevrolet Corsi PE073401

Lincoln Town Car Skid

Lincoln Town Car In Sk PE073501

Lincoln Town Car In Sk PE073601

Toyota Celica

1986 Toyota Celica Fa PE073701

1986 Toyota Celica Fa PE073801


Mercedes Start Close PE073901

Mustang 50

Mustang 50 V8 Start Cl PE074001

Gto Tire Squeal

Gto Mix Revs Peel Out PE074101


Roadster Mix Revs Var PE074201

Car Tire Squeal

Car Tire Squeal Short PE074301

Car Pass By

Car Long 10 Mph Pass By PE074401

Model T Ford

Model TFord In By Driv PE074501

V8 Car

V8 Car Or Truck Smooth PE074601

V8 Car Large In By Away PE074701

Car Alarm

Car Alarm Activate De PE074801

Car Alarm Rapid Highp PE074901

Car Alarm Rapid Highp PE075001

Car Alarm Fast Oscill PE075101

Car Dash Switches

Cars Dash Switches Ge PE075201

Car Door

Car Door OCMed PE075301

Car Door OCFull Size PE075401

Car Door OCFull Size PE075501

Car Door OCBMW PE075601

Car Door OCOld Creaky PE075701

Car Door OC64 Cad Rust PE075801

Door Buzzer EconomyC PE075901

Keys Into Out Ignitio PE076001


Engine Shut Off LongD PE076101

Hand Brake Set

Hand Brake Set Clicks PE076201


Transmission Gear Gr PE076301

Old Truck Idles Gear G PE076401

Floor Type Gear Shift PE076501

Glove Compartment

Glove Compartment Do PE076601

Car Hood

Car Hood OCBenz PE076701

Modern Car Hood OpenC PE076801

Car Hood OCBmw Hiss PE076901

Car Horn

Car Horn Honk Medium PE077001

Car Horn Beeps Highpi PE077101

Car Horn Beeps High Do PE077201

Horn Honks Jeep Chero PE077301

Car Horn Doppler

Doppler Car Horn By Ap PE077401

Doppler Car Horn By Ap PE077501

Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam Many CarH PE077601


Hub Cap Falls On Aspha PE077701

Suspension Clunks

Suspension Clunks In PE077801


Corvair Drives Slowl PE077901


Keys Into Out Ignitio PE078001

Car Seat

Older Car Seat Adjust PE078101


Suspension BouncesC PE078201


Turn Signal On Off Vol PE078301

Car Trunk

Car Trunk OCBenz PE078401

Car Window

Car Window Roll Up Dow PE078501

Car Window Up Down Ele PE078601

Car Window Up Down Ele PE078701


Windshield Wipers Bm PE078801

Windshield Wipers Bm PE078901

Windshield Wipers He PE079001

Bus Door

Bus Door Manual OpenS PE079101

Truck Air Brake

Air Brake Hiss Truck PE079201

Air Brake Hiss Truck PE079301

Air Brake Hiss TruckH PE079401

Air Brake Hiss TruckH PE079501

Truck Air Horn

Air Horn Blasts Truck PE079601

Air Horn Blasts Truck PE079701

Truck Horn Doppler

Doppler Horn By LeftT PE079801

Truck Door

Truck Door Open Close PE079901

PE-08 - Traffic, Sirens, Motors, Busses


Highway Traffic Busy PE080101

Highway Traffic Ligh PE080201


Traffic City Street PE080301

Traffic Residential PE080401

Traffic Wet HighwayL PE080501

Two Wet Car Bys

Two Wet Car Bys Long Aw PE080601

Federal Air Horn

Federal Air Horn Sire PE080701

Police Wailer Siren

Police Wailer Siren PE080801

Police Wailer Siren PE080901

Yelper Siren

Yelper Siren Close PE081001

Yelper Siren Multipl PE081101

High Low Siren

High Low Siren Close PE081201

High Low Siren Close PE081301

Phaser Siren

Phaser Siren Close PE081401

Fire Truck Siren

Fire Truck Siren Clos PE081501


Bus Exterior Steady PE081601

School Bus Coasting PE081701

School Bus Start Air PE081801

Bus By Long In Gear Awa PE081901

Bus By Fast Gears Away PE082001

Bus Ext By Lto RWith Stop PE082101

Small Car

Small Car Engine Ratt PE082201

Canning Machine

Canning Machine Stea PE082301


Lawnmower Engine Ste PE082401

Lawnmower Engine Ste PE082501

Lawnmower Engine Ste PE082601

Lawnmower Engine Ste PE082701

Edge Trimmer

Edge Trimmer Steady PE082801

Edge Trimmer Steady PE082901

Weed Eater

Weed Eater Fast Rpms PE083001


Compressor Motr Tool PE083101

Compressor Motr Tool PE083201

Compressor Motr Tool PE083301

Compressor Motr Tool PE083401

Compressor Motr Tool PE083501


Motor Drill Press PE083601


Motor Grinder Tool PE083701

Joiner Motor

Joiner Motor Tool PE083801


Lathe Tool On Std Off PE083901


Sander Tool On Std Off PE084001


Band Saw Motor On StdO PE084101

Motor Saw On Std Off PE084201

Table Saw On Std Off Wh PE084301

Table Saw On Std Off Wh PE084401

Wood Shaper

Wood Shaper Tool On St PE084501

Pump Motor

Pump Motor Small Run PE084601


Motor Turn On Wind Up PE084701

Motor Running Steady PE084801

Motor Running Steady PE084901

PE-09 - Guns & Ricochets, Explosions, Fireworks


Cannon Ball Whiz Left PE090101

Very Short Cannon Bal PE090201

Sponging A Cannon PE090301

Worming A Cannon PE090401


Quick Pistol Cock PE090501

Gun Classic Pistol Co PE090601

Fast Chamber Spin PE090701

Chamber Spins A Few Ti PE090801

Winchester Rifle Coc PE090901

Pistol Dry Fire Singl PE091001

Pistol Dry Fire Multi PE091101

Load Cock M14 Rifle Gu PE091201

Load Cock M16 Rifle Gu PE091301

Insert Magazine Ak47 PE091401


Civil War Cannon Shot PE091501

Civil War Cannon Shot PE091601

Two Civil War Cannons PE091701

Black Powder

Black Powder Musket 1 PE091801

Black Powder Musket 2 PE091901

Black Powder Musket 3 PE092001

Black Powder Musket 4 PE092101

Black Powder Musket 5 PE092201

Black Powder Musket 6 PE092301

Black Powder Musket 7 PE092401


22 Caliber Pistol Sho PE092501

22 Caliber Pistol Sho PE092601

22 Caliber Rifle Shot PE092701

357 Magnum Pistol Sho PE092801

357 Magnum Pistol Sho PE092901

357 Magnum Pistol Sho PE093001

Rifle Shot Echo PE093101

308 Mauser Single Sho PE093201

30 O6 Hunting Rifle Si PE093301

Ar15 Automatic Rifle PE093401

Ar15 Automatic Rifle PE093501

Ar15 Automatic Rifle PE093601

Ar15 SemiautomaticR PE093701

Ar15 Full AutomaticR PE093801

Ak47 Automatic Rifle PE093901

Ak47 Automatic Rifle PE094001

Ak47 Automatic Rifle PE094101

Ak47 Full AutomaticR PE094201

M16 Automatic Machin PE094301

M16 Automatic Machin PE094401

M14 Automatic RifleS PE094501

M14 Full Automatic Ri PE094601

M1 Rifle Single ShotC PE094701

M1 Semiautomatic Rif PE094801

M60 Automatic Machin PE094901

M60 Automatic Machin PE095001

Automatic Machine Gu PE095101

8 Gauge Shotgun Singl PE095201

12 Gauge Shotgun Blas PE095301

16 Gauge Shotgun Blas PE095401

9mm Uzi 1 Single Shot PE095501

9mm Uzi 2 Single ShotD PE095601

9mm Uzi Automatic Fir PE095701

9mm Uzi Automatic Fir PE095801

9mm Uzi Automatic Fir PE095901

Pistol Or Rifle Shot 1 PE096001

Pistol Or Rifle Shot 2 PE096101

Rifle Shot 3 Boomy Rin PE096201

Rifle Shot 4 Boomy Cas PE096301

Rifle Shot 5 Midrange PE096401

Bullet & Ricochets

Bullet Ricochet OffM PE096501

Bullet Ricochet OffW PE096601

Bullet Ricochet OffR PE096701

Bullet Ricochet OffH PE096801

Bullet Ricochet OffD PE096901

Bullet Ricochet OffD PE097001

Bullet Ricochet OffH PE097101

Bullet Ricochet OffD PE097201

Bullet Ricochet OffH PE097301


Explosion Large OilO PE097401

Explosion 1 Medium Si PE097501

Explosion 2 Medium Si PE097601

Explosion 3 Medium Si PE097701

Explosion Large Shar PE097801

Explosion Large Shar PE097901

Firecracker Explosi PE098001

Firecracker Explosi PE098101

Firecracker Explosi PE098201

Roman Candle BurstsT PE098301


Bottle Rocket 1 Picco PE098401

Bottle Rocket 2 Picco PE098501

Bottle Rocket 3 Picco PE098601

Bottle Rocket 4 Picco PE098701

Bottle Rocket 5 Picco PE098801

B0ttle Rocket 1 Picco PE098901

Bottle Rocket 3 Picco PE099001

Fourth July Firework PE099101

PE-10 - Fights, Body Falls, Cracks, Whips

Punch Face

Punch Face Hit 1 Sharp PE100101

Punch Face Hit 2 Sharp PE100201

Punch Face Hit 3 Sharp PE100301

Punch Face Hit 4 Sharp PE100401

Punch Face Hit 5 Sharp PE100501

Punch Face Hit 6 Sharp PE100601

Punch Face Hit 7 Sharp PE100701

Punch Body

Punch Body Hit 1 Thud PE100801

Punch Body Hit 2 Thud PE100901

Punch Body Hit 3 Sharp PE101001

Punch Body Hit 4 Sharp PE101101

Punch Body Hit 5 Thud PE101201

Kick Body

Kick Body Hit 1 SharpT PE101301

Kick Body Hit 2 Thud PE101401

Kick Body Hit 3 Thud PE101501

Kick Body Hit 4 Thud Cr PE101601


Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE101701

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE101801

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE101901

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE102001

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE102101

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE102201

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE102301

Sword Or Bayonet Juic PE102401

Single Sword Hit 1 Sli PE102501

Single Sword Hit 2 Hig PE102601

Single Sword Hit 3 Hig PE102701

Single Sword Hit 4 Sam PE102801

Single Dead Sword Hit PE102901

Double Sword Scrape 1 PE103001

Double Sword Scrape 1 PE103101

Double Sword Hits PE103201

Sword Shing With Sword PE103301

Sword Shing With Sword PE103401

Sword Shing With Sword PE103501

Sword Shing With Sword PE103601

Sword Twang 1 Sword Pl PE103701

Sword Twang 2 Sword Pl PE103801

Sword Twang 3 Sword Pl PE103901

Sword Twang 4 Sword Pl PE104001

Sword Fight Mix BodyF PE104101


Slap 1 PE104201

Slap 2 PE104301

Juicy Impact

Juicy Impact 1 PE104401

Juicy Impact 2 PE104501

Juicy Impact 3 PE104601

Juicy Impact 4 PE104701

Juicy Impact 5 PE104801

Juicy Impact 6 PE104901

Juicy Impact 7 PE105001


Object Being Squashe PE105101

Object Being Squashe PE105201

Object Being Squashe PE105301

Object Drop

Object Drop Hard Imp PE105401


Two Men Fight Mix PE105501

Body Fall

Body Falls Brush Leaf PE105601

Body Falls On Carpet PE105701

Single Body Fall Conc PE105801

Two Single Body Falls PE105901

Body Falls Car Hood PE106001

Body Falls Off Chair PE106101

Various Body Fal Dirt PE106201

Two Body Fall Gravel PE106301

Body Falls Debris PE106401

Foot Stomp Fall Mud PE106501

Body Falls Racket Bal PE106601

Body Falls Snow PE106701

Body Falls Water Spla PE106801

Body Falls Water Spla PE106901

Body Falls Wooden Flo PE107001

Body Falls Wooden Flo PE107101

Body Falls Wooden Flo PE107201

Body Falls Wooden Flo PE107301

Body Falls Wooden Flo PE107401

Bone Break

Bone Break 1 PE107501

Bone Break 2 PE107601

Bone Break 3 PE107701

Bone Break 4 PE107801

Bone Break 5 PE107901

Bone Break 6 PE108001


Two Single Knuckle Cr PE108101

Tree Cracks Splinter PE108201

Small Piece Wood Crac PE108301

Wooden Crate Is Rippe PE108401

Med Piece Wood Crack PE108501

Thin Wood Door IKick PE108601

Bull Whip Crack 1 Swis PE108701

Bull Whip Crack 2 Sing PE108801

Bull Whip Cracks Fast PE108901

Bull Whip Crack 4 Sing PE109001

PE-11 - Crashes, Swishes, Impacts

Crashes and Impacts

Crash Metal Shatter PE110101

Crash Metal Shatter PE110201

Crash Metal Shatter PE110301

Crash Metal Shatter PE110401

Crash Metal Shatter PE110501

Crash Metal Glass Sha PE110601

Crash Metal Glass PE110701

Crash Metal Glass PE110801

Crash Metal Glass PE110901

Crash Metal Glass Rev PE111001

Crash Skid Imp Shatte PE111101

Crash Car Hood Glass PE111201

Crash Wood Glass Imp PE111301

Crash Wood Glass Met PE111401

Crash Car Flip Imp Rol PE111501

Crash Train Car Mix PE111601

Car Crash Car Peels Ou PE111701

Car Fender Bang HardM PE111801

Car Crash Small 1 Shor PE111901

Car Crash Small 2 Impc PE112001

Car Crash Small Metal PE112101

Car Hits Drags AHot Do PE112201

Crash Impact Wood Gla PE112301

Pottery Break

Pottery Drop Break PE112401

Glass Crash

Bullet Impact GlassD PE112501

Bullet Impact GlassD PE112601

Bullet Impact GlassD PE112701

Swish Small Glass Cra PE112801

Glass Crash Sustaine PE112901

Wood Crash Impacts

Wood Glass Crash PE113001

Bullet Impact Wood PE113101

Wood Small Piece Crun PE113201

Bullet Impacts Multi PE113301

Wood Break Or Shatter PE113401

Wood Crash Large PE113501

Wood Impact Debris Fa PE113601

Wood Single Piece Fal PE113701

Single Piece Wood Fal PE113801

Single Piece Wood Fal PE113901

Single Piece Wood Fal PE114001

Kick Medium Sized Woo PE114101

Ax Impact Wood 1 PE114201

Ax Impact Wood 2 PE114301

Ax Impact Wood 3 PE114401


Bullet Impact Dirt PE114501

Bullet Impact MetalH PE114601

Bullet Impact MetalH PE114701

Bullet Bounces Off Fr PE114801

Bullet Bounces Off Fr PE114901

Bullet Bounces Off Fr PE115001

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115101

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115201

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115301

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115401

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115501

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115601

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115701

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115801

Bullet Impact Sweete PE115901


Swish 1 Single PE116001

Swish 2 Single PE116101

Swish 3 Single PE116201

Swish 4 Single PE116301

Swish 5 Single PE116401

Swish 6 Single PE116501

Swish 7 Single PE116601

Swish 8 Single PE116701

Swish 9 Single PE116801

Swish 10 ElectronicS PE116901

Swish 11 Double Swish PE117001

Swish 12 Single PE117101

Swish 13 Single PE117201

Swish 14 Single PE117301

Swish 15 Single PE117401

Swish 16 Double Swish PE117501

Swish 17 Multiple Swi PE117601

Swish 18 Multiple Swi PE117701

Swish 19 Multiple Swi PE117801

Swish 20 Multiple Swi PE117901

Swish 21 ElectronicS PE118001

Swish 22 Multiple Ele PE118101

Swish 23 Single PE118201

Swish 24 Single PE118301

Swish 25 Single PE118401

Swish 26 Single PE118501

Swish 27 Double Swish PE118601

Swish 28 Single PE118701

Swish 29 Single PE118801

Swish 30 Single PE118901

Swish 31 ElectronicS PE119001

Swish 32 ElectronicS PE119101

PE-12 - Sports & Boats


Baseball Mitt Impact PE120101

Baseball Mitt Impact PE120201

Baseball Mitt Impact PE120301

Various Baseball Imp PE120401

Aluminum Bat Hits Bas PE120501

Aluminum Bat Hits Bas PE120601

Aluminum Bat Hits Bas PE120701

Four Aluminum Bat Imp PE120801

Wooden Bat Hits Baseb PE120901

Wooden Bat Hits Baseb PE121001

Wooden Bat Hits Baseb PE121101

Wooden Bat Hits Baseb PE121201

Four Wooden Bat Impac PE121301

Baseball Bat Hit Mix PE121401

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE121501

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE121601

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE121701

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE121801

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE121901

Wooden Bat Drops Dirt PE122001


Person Shooting Bask PE122101


Bowling Ball Retriev PE122201

Bowling Alley Ambien PE122301

Throw Bowling Ball Ro PE122401

Throw Bowling Ball Ro PE122501

Throw Bowling Ball Ro PE122601

Throw Bowling Ball Ro PE122701

Bowling Pins Are Knoc PE122801

Throw Bowling Ball Ro PE122901


Fishing Pole Reel Lin PE123001


Three Golf Swings Imp PE123101


Jogging Snow Crunchy PE123201

Ping Pong

Ping Pong Volley 1 Bal PE123301

Ping Pong Volley 2 PE123401

Ping Pong Volley 3 PE123501


Racquetball Serve 1H PE123601

Racquetball Serve 2H PE123701

Racquetball Being Hi PE123801

Racquetball Being Hi PE123901

Body Slam Racqueb Ct PE124001

Body Slam Racqueb Ct PE124101

Foot Stomps Hard Rctb PE124201

Foot Stomps Hard Racb PE124301

Foot Stomps Hard Racb PE124401

Multiple Sneaker Squ PE124501

Multiple Sneaker Squ PE124601

Racquetball Door OC PE124701

Racquetball VolleyR PE124801

Racquetball VolleyR PE124901

Mult Racquetball Sws PE125001


Ski Chair Lift 1 Motor PE125101

Ski Chair Lift 2 Cable PE125201

Ski Chair Lift 3 Cable PE125301

Ski Steady Icy Stop PE125401

Ski Steady 2 Maneuver PE125501

Ski Steady 3 Maneuver PE125601

Ski Steady 4 Maneuver PE125701

Ski Steady 5 Maneuver PE125801

Ski Slide Around Snow PE125901

Ski Slide Around Snow PE126001

Ski Slide To Stop Snow PE126101

Ski Jump Stop On SnowD PE126201

Ski In Jump On Snow PE126301

Ski In Fall On Snow Clo PE126401

Walking Snow Ski Boot PE126501


Swimming 1 Under Wate PE126601

Swimming 2 Awkwardly PE126701

Swimming 3 Breast Str PE126801

Swimming 4 Back Strok PE126901

Swimming 5 Doggie Pad PE127001

Water Splash

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127101

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127201

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127301

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127401

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127501

Large Splash Or DiveW PE127601

Diving Board

Bounce On Diving Boar PE127701


Tennis Ball MachineS PE127801

Tennis Ball MachineS PE127901

Various Tennis ShoeS PE128001

Boats & Ships

Coast Guard Cutter Sh PE128101

Coast Guard Cutter Sh PE128201

Coast Guard Cutter Sh PE128301

Large Power Yacht Ste PE128401

Bow Wash 1 Very CloseP PE128501

Bow Wash 2 Very CloseP PE128601

Bow Wash 3 Ferry BoatD PE128701

Bow Wash 4 Interior Pe PE128801

Power Yacht Bow WashL PE128901

Power Yacht Idle Sted PE129001

Power Yacht Start Idl PE129101

Power Yacht Cruise St PE129201

Power Yacht Away Spla PE129301

Power Yacht Away By PE129401

Ferry Boat 1 Cruise St PE129501

Ferry Boat 2 Cruise St PE129601

Multiple Ferry BoatS PE129701

PE-13 - Human Sounds


Coughs Male AFew Shor PE130101

Cough Male Close Pers PE130201

Coughs Male Three Sho PE130301

Coughing Fit Male Clo PE130401

Laugh Male Close Pers PE130501

Laugh Silly Male Clos PE130601

Laugh Short Manic Bur PE130701

Laugh Female Close Pe PE130801

Giggling Boy Close Pe PE130901

Giggling Two Childre PE131001

Laugh Lowpitched Hea PE131101

Laugh Lowpitched Fat PE131201

Laugh Evil Very Lowpi PE131301

Laugh Mischievous Hi PE131401

Breathing AgitatedM PE131501

Crying Sobbing Woman PE131601

Gasps 1 Woman Close Pe PE131701

Gasps 2 Woman Close Pe PE131801

Gasps Male Exhale Inh PE131901

Gasping Straining To PE132001

Grunt 1 Male Soft Inte PE132101

Grunt 2 Male Exhale Cl PE132201

Grunt 3 Male Strained PE132301

Grunt 4 Male Strained PE132401

Grunt 5 Male Strained PE132501

Grunt 6 Male Strained PE132601

Grunt 7 Male Strained PE132701

Grunt 8 Male Strained PE132801

Grunt 9 Male Strained PE132901

Grunt 10 Male Straine PE133001

Grunt 11 Male Straine PE133101

Grunt 12 Male Straine PE133201

Grunt 13 Male Straine PE133301

Gagged Woman Struggl PE133401

Screams 1 Woman Singl PE133501

Screams 2 Woman Singl PE133601

Screams 3 Woman Singl PE133701

Screams 4 Woman Singl PE133801

Screams 5 Woman Short PE133901

Screams 6 Woman Panic PE134001

Screams 7 Woman Three PE134101

Screams 1 Man PainedS PE134201

Screams 2 Man Yell Scre PE134301

Screams 3 Man Gutwren PE134401

Screams 4 Man Gutwren PE134501

Screams 5 Man InsaneT PE134601

Moans Groans Sexy Fem PE134701


Sigh Heavy Male Inhal PE134801

Sighs Heavy ExhalesC PE134901


Sneeze 1 Close Short C PE135001

Sneeze 2 Very Wet Nose PE135101


Sniff 1 Close InhaleT PE135201

Sniff 2 Close InhaleT PE135301

Sniff 3 Close InhaleT PE135401

Sniff 4 Three SniffsA PE135501

Sniff 5 Wet Sniff PE135601

Nose Blows

Nose Blow Comical 1 Sh PE135701

Nose Blow Comical 2 Lo PE135801


Snore 1 Close Breathi PE135901

Snore 2 Close Breathi PE136001

Snore 3 Close Breathi PE136101


Snorting ObnoxiousH PE136201


Spitting Man Spits Cl PE136301


Bites Three CrunchyB PE136401

Bites Six Crunchy Bit PE136501

Bites Six Wet Crunchy PE136601

Bites Four Wet Muffle PE136701

Bite Chew Apple Close PE136801


Eating Man Interior PE136901

Eating Cereal CloseU PE137001

Spoon Clinks Scrapin PE137101


Fingerlicking Lip Sm PE137201


Slurp 1 Short Sip Drin PE137301

Slurp 2 Longer CU PE137401

Slurp 3 Very Long Clos PE137501

Slurp 4 Very Close Wet PE137601


Swallow 1 Very CloseL PE137701

Swallow 2 Very CloseL PE137801

Swallow 3 Very CloseS PE137901


Belch 1 Medium BelchC PE138001

Belch 2 Short Close Pe PE138101

Belch 3 Shorter CU PE138201

Belch 4 HighpitchedS PE138301

Belch 5 Wet Short Clos PE138401

Belch 6 Lowpitched We PE138501

Belch 7 Long Disgusti PE138601

Belch 8 Long Disgusti PE138701


Gagging Man Gags Long PE138801


Fart 1 Medium Fart Clo PE138901

Fart 2 Short Fart Clos PE139001

Fart 3 Very Short WetF PE139101

Fart 4 Very Short High PE139201

Fart 5 ASqueaker Fart PE139301

Fart 6 Very Short Wet D PE139401

Fart 7 Lowpitched Jui PE139501

Fart 8 Comical Highpi PE139601

Fart 9 Wet Squish Coul PE139701


Whistle Human Finger PE139801

PE-14 - Crowds, Kids, Babies, Heartbeats

People & Crowds

Medium Interior Crow PE140101

Large Exterior Crowd PE140201

Small Interior Crowd PE140301

Medium Exterior Crow PE140401

Medium Exterior Crow PE140501

Huge Interior Crowda PE140601

Huge Interior CrowdA PE140701

Huge Interior CrowdA PE140801

Large Interior Crowd PE140901

Large Interior Crowd PE141001

Huge Interior CrowdA PE141101

Huge Interior CrowdA PE141201

Large Exterior Crowd PE141301

Medium Exterior Crow PE141401

Medium Exterior Crow PE141501

Huge Exterior CrowdA PE141601

Medium Interior Crow PE141701

Medium Crowd ReactsD PE141801

Large Crowd Boos PE141901

Int Aud Rect Laugh PE142001

Int Aud Rect Laugh PE142101

Int Aud Rect Laugh Hvy PE142201

100 Men Laugh Claps PE142301

Large Int Crowd Murmr PE142401

Crowd Reaction Shock PE142501

100 Men Chant Cheers PE142601

Small Group Men Shout PE142701

Small Group Kids Chee PE142801

Medium Crowd AdultsY PE142901

Large Group Kids On Pl PE143001

Elementary School Ki PE143101

High School HallwayR PE143201

Medium Teenage Crowd PE143301

Medium Teenage Crowd PE143401

Two Young Kids Giggle PE143501

Small Group Kids Laug PE143601

Medium Crowd AdultsL PE143701


Baby Playing Short Br PE143801

Baby Coo PE143901

Baby Crying Slowly PE144001

Baby Whining Short Cr PE144101

Baby Cries HospitalN PE144201

Newborn Babies Cryin PE144301

Baby Feeding Breathi PE144401

Baby Moaning Pleasur PE144501

Baby Laughs VariousS PE144601

Baby Laughs GigglesS PE144701

Baby Gurgles PE144801

Baby Hiccups PE144901

Baby Vocals Spitting PE145001

Baby Vocals Playful PE145101

Baby Sneezes PE145201

Baby Squeals Excited PE145301

Baby Sucking Pacifie PE145401

Baby Talking PE145501

Baby Whines Cries Huf PE145601


Hospital Respirator PE145701

Air Pumps Arm Bandblo PE145801

Electrocardiogram PE145901

Gurney Being Wheeled PE146001

Hospital Metal FoodC PE146101

Sheet Movementbed Be PE146201

Hospital Pa Announce PE146301

Hospital Pa Announce PE146401

Hospital Nurses Stat PE146501

Heart Beat

Heart Beat Slow 63 Bea PE146601

Heart Beat Medium 80B PE146701

Heart Beat Fast 106 Be PE146801

Heart Beat Very Fast 1 PE146901

Heart Beat Fluctuati PE147001


Card Shuffle 1 CardsB PE147101

Card Shuffle 2 Multip PE147201


Gambling Casino Back PE147301


Dealer Calls Out Dice PE147401


Roulette Wheel Spinn PE147501

Slot Machine

Coins Drop Slot Mach PE147601

PE-15 - Interior Ambiances


Huge Auditor Crowd PE150101

Lg Male Crowd Murmur PE150201

Bar Ambience

Bar Ambience 30 Peopl PE150301

Bar Ambience 50 Peopl PE150401

Bar Ambience 5 People PE150501


Courtroom Or Convent PE150601

Courtroom Large Crow PE150701

Courtroom Or ChurchL PE150801

Department Store Ambience

Department Store Amb PE150901

Department Store Amb PE151001

Outdoor Market

Outdoor Market Or Fai PE151101

Grocery Store Ambience

Grocery Store LightA PE151201


Interm Hallway Young PE151301

Shopping Mall

Shopping Mall Interi PE151401


Large Older Office Or PE151501

Large Modern OfficeL PE151601

Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party 50 Bus PE151701

Sophisticated Cockt PE151801

Teen Crowd

Large Rowdy Teen Crow PE151901

Police Station

Police Station BusyS PE152001

Police Station Light PE152101

Police Radio Calls Re PE152201


Prison Block Large Bu PE152301

Prison Or Hospital Vi PE152401

Prison Mess Hall Larg PE152501

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Busy Rest PE152601

Restaurant Ambience

Restaurant Busy Crow PE152701

Fast Food Restaurant PE152801

French Restaurant Me PE152901

Swiss Restaurant Med PE153001

Crowd Riot

Riot Background Exte PE153101

Dressing Room

Womens Dressing Room PE153201


Loudspeaker Truck In PE153301

PE-16 - Household


Ice Clinks No Liquid PE160101

Ice Clinks No Liquid PE160201

Ice Clinks No Liquid PE160301

Ice Clinks No Liquid PE160401

Ice Clinks No Liquid PE160501

Ice Clinks GNo Liquid PE160601

Ice Clinks GNo Liquid PE160701

Ice Clinks GNo Liquid PE160801

Ice Clinks GNo Liquid PE160901

Ice Clinks GNo Liquid PE161001

Ice Dropping Glass Wa PE161101

Ice Swirling Full Gla PE161201

Ice Dropping Glass Ca PE161301


Soda Can Open Fizz 1 PE161401

Soda Can Open Fizz 2 PE161501

Soda Fizz PE161601

Soda Pouring Empty Gl PE161701

Soda Pouring Empty Gl PE161801

Soda Pouring Glass Ic PE161901

Chugging Soda Pourin PE162001

Ice Drop Glass Chuggi PE162101

Chugging Soda Pourin PE162201


Liquid Pour Over Ice PE162301

Liquid Pour Over Ice PE162401

Liquid Pour Over Ice PE162501


Glass Clink Toast Chm PE162601

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE162701

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE162801

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE162901

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE163001

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE163101

Glass Clink Toast Chm PE163201


Match Strike Ignite 1 PE163301

Match Strike Ignite 2 PE163401

Match Strike Ignite 3 PE163501


Coins Being Poured On PE163601

Single Coin Drops Har PE163701


Cartoon Boing Jews Ha PE163801

Cartoon Boing Jews Ha PE163901


Whistles Multiple Sh PE164001


Zipper 1 PE164101

Zipper 2 PE164201

Zipper 3 PE164301

Zipper 4 PE164401

Zipper 5 PE164501

Zipper 6 Action PansF PE164601

Zipper 7 PE164701


Briefcase Opens Clos PE164801


Inflate Sm Balloon PE164901

Inflating Lg Balloon PE165001

Deflate Sm Balloon PE165101

Blow Dryer

Blow Dryer Turn On Dry PE165201

Blow Dryer Turn On Dry PE165301

Blow Dryer Turn On Dry PE165401

Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver 1 Tur PE165501

Electric Shaver 2 Mul PE165601

Electric Shaver 3 Tur PE165701

Electric Shaver 4 Tur PE165801


Electric Toaster 1 Br PE165901

Electric Toaster 2 Br PE166001


Refrigerator Door Op PE166101

Refrigerator Compre PE166201

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal 1 On PE166301

Garbage Disposal 2 Tu PE166401


Dishwasher Turn On Ru PE166501

Gas Stove

Gas Stove Turn On Igni PE166601

Water Cooler

Multiple Water Coole PE166701

Electric Fan

Electric Fan 1 Turn On PE166801

Electric Fan 2 Turn On PE166901


Heating Pipes Clangi PE167001

Office Machines

Office Machine Xerox PE167101

Office Machine Fax Re PE167201

Toilet Flushes

Toilet Flush 1 Modern PE167301

Toilet Flush 2 Old Typ PE167401

Toilet Flush 3 Old Typ PE167501

Toilet Flush 4 Public PE167601

Toilet Flush 5 Urinal PE167701


Water Going Down Drai PE167801

Water Going Down Drai PE167901


Shower Running 1 Gymn PE168001

Shower Running 2 Ligh PE168101

Shower Running 3 Ligh PE168201

Shower Running 4 Hard PE168301

Shower Running 5 Fast PE168401

Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal OnO PE168501


Full Sink Draining PE168601


Turn On Faucet Run Wat PE168701

Turn On Faucet Run Wat PE168801

French Fries

French Fries Dropped PE168901


Hamburgers Fry On Gri PE169001

PE-17 - Telephones, Cameras, Clocks


Telephone Rings Fast PE170101

Telephone Rings Soft PE170201

Telephone Rg Dual Ton PE170301

Telephone Beeps Wire PE170401

Telephone Rings Cric PE170501

Telephone Rings Bell PE170601

Telephone Rings Bell PE170701

Telephone Rings Bell PE170801

Telephone Rings Bell PE170901

Telephone Rings OldS PE171001

Telephone Rings OldS PE171101

Telephone Ring Foren PE171201

Telephone Ring Foren PE171301

Telephone Rings Bell PE171401

Telephone Rings Bell PE171501

Telephone Rings Doub PE171601

Telephone Rings Bell PE171701

Telephone Rings Bell PE171801

Telephone Rings Bell PE171901

Futzedthrough LineB PE172001

Futzed Belltype Tele PE172101

Futzed Foreign Telep PE172201

Futzed Dial Tone PE172301

Futzed Busy Signal 1 PE172401

Futzed Busy Signal 2 PE172501

Futzed Phone Off Hook PE172601

Futzed Operator Mess PE172701

Futzed Operator Mess PE172801

Futzed Operator Mess PE172901

Futzed Operator Mess PE173001

Rotary Phone Dial 1 PE173101

Rotary Phone Dial 2 PE173201

Rotary Phone Dial 3 PE173301

Rotary Phone Dial 4 PE173401

Rotary Phone Dial 5 PE173501

Rotary Phone Dial 6 PE173601

Rotary Phone Dial 7 PE173701

Rotary Phone Dial 8 PE173801

Rotary Phone Dial 9 PE173901

Rotary Phone DialO PE174001

Rotary Phone Dialing PE174101

Rotary Phone Dialing PE174201

Rotary Pay Phone Dial PE174301

Futzed Rotary PhoneD PE174401

Push Button Phone Dia PE174501

Futzed Dial Tone Push PE174601

Phone Receiver Picku PE174701

Phone Receiver Picku PE174801

Phone Receiver Picku PE174901

Pay Phone Receiver PU PE175001

Pay Phone Receiver PU PE175101

Futzed Phone Receive PE175201

Futzed Phone Receive PE175301

Futzed Phone Receive PE175401

Futzed Phone Receive PE175501

Futzed Phone Receive PE175601

Phone Receiver Hangu PE175701

Phone Receiver Hangu PE175801

Phone Receiver Hangu PE175901

Phone Receiver Hangu PE176001

Phone Receiver Slams PE176101

Pay Phone Receiver Ha PE176201

Pay Phone Receiver Ha PE176301

Pay Phone Receiver Ha PE176401

Coin Dropping Slot Pa PE176501

Coin Dropping Pay Pho PE176601

Coin Removed From Pay PE176701

Coin Return Empty Slo PE176801

Phone Dropped On Carp PE176901


Antique Camera Shutt PE177001

Antique Camera Shutt PE177101

Instamatic Flash Bul PE177201

Small Flash Bulb Thin PE177301

Large Flash Bulb LowM PE177401

Two Large Flash Bulbs PE177501

Two Large Flash Bulbs PE177601

Bulb Flash Mix Glass PE177701

Bulb Flash Mix Glass PE177801

Small Instamatic Fla PE177901

Hassleblad ShutterC PE178001

Instamatic ShutterC PE178101

8mm Newsreel MotionP PE178201

Polaroid Camera Ejec PE178301

16mm Projector Start PE178401

35mm Projector Start PE178501

35mm Slide Projector PE178601

35mm Still Camera 1 El PE178701

35mm Still Camera 2 El PE178801

35mm Still Camera 3 El PE178901

35mm Still Camera Sho PE179001

35mm Still Camera Sho PE179101


Antique Timer Clicks PE179201

Antique Windup WallC PE179301

Cuckoo Clock Strikin PE179401

Desk Top Clock Ticks PE179501

Egg Timer Rapid Click PE179601

Mantle Clock Ticks Sl PE179701

Mantle Clock Ticks Sl PE179801

Windup Alarm Clock Ro PE179901

PE-18 - Doors, Elevators, Creaks & Squeaks

Door Wood

Wood Door OCKnob PE180101

Wood Door OCKnob Ratt PE180201

Wood Door 3 Open SlamM PE180301

Wood Door OCSqueak PE180401

Wood Door OC Bounce PE180501

Wood Door Open Slam PE180601

Wood Door Open Close PE180701

Wood Door Open Close PE180801

Wood Door Open Slam PE180901

Wood Door Open Slam PE181001

Heavy Wood Door Metal PE181101

Half Glass Wood Door 1 PE181201

Half Glass Wood Door 2 PE181301

Half Glass Wood Door 3 PE181401

Half Glass Wood Door 4 PE181501

Half Glass Wood Door 5 PE181601

Screen Door

Screen Door Open Latc PE181701

Heavy Screen Door OC PE181801

Heavy Screen Door Cre PE181901

Squeaky Old Wood Scre PE182001

Cabinet Door

Wooden Cabinet DoorC PE182101

Wooden Cabinet DoorC PE182201

Wooden Cabinet DoorC PE182301


Wooden Drawer SlideO PE182401

Full Silverware Draw PE182501

Shower Door

Shower Door Slide Ope PE182601

Trailer Door

Trailer Door Open Clo PE182701

Metal Trailer Door Sl PE182801

Metal Trailer Door Sl PE182901

Door Knob

Door Knob Jiggle PE183001

Metal Latch

Metal Latch Clicks 1 PE183101

Metal Latch Clicks 2 PE183201

Metal Latch Clicks 3 PE183301

Metal Latch Clicks 4 PE183401

Locker Door

Metal Locker Door OC PE183501

Metal Door

Metal Door Open Slam 1 PE183601

Metal Door Open Close PE183701

Freezer Door

Freezer Door Opens Cl PE183801

Old Freezer Door Oc PE183901

Walkin Freezer DoorO PE184001

Metal Door

Metal Door Close Ratt PE184101

Pneumatic Door

Pneumatic Door Mecha PE184201

Pneumatic Door Mecha PE184301

Push Bar Door

Push Bar Door Open Rev PE184401

Push Bar Door Open Rev PE184501

Push Bar Door Open Rev PE184601

Push Bar Door Open Rev PE184701

Push Bar Door OCl Revb PE184801

Safe Door

Metal Safe Door ShutL PE184901

Door Metal

Sm Heavy Metal Door Sl PE185001

Metal Door Open SlamH PE185101

Rolling Wood Door

Big Rolling Wood Door PE185201

Metal Bar Cell

Prison Metal Bar Cell PE185301

Industrial Door

Industrial Door Huge PE185401

Warehouse Door

Warehouse Door HugeM PE185501

Warehouse Door HugeM PE185601

Door Elevator

Elevator Door Ding Th PE185701

Elevator Door Ding Th PE185801

Elevator Door Ding Th PE185901

Elevator Buzzer Then PE186001

Elevator Door Ding Th PE186101

Elevator Buzzer Dr Cl PE186201

Interior Freight Ele PE186301

Interior WarehouseE PE186401


Metal Gate Roll Slide PE186501

Metal Gate Roll Slide PE186601

Metal Gate Roll Slide PE186701

Old Type Elev Gate OC PE186801

Old Manual Metal Gate PE186901

Elevator Shaft

Elevator Shaft Motor PE187001


Wooden Bed Creaks PE187101

Slow Wooden Boat Crea PE187201

Metal Boat Slowly Roc PE187301

Rope Stretchs Creaks PE187401

Wooden Gate Slowly Cr PE187501

Low Hinge Creaks On Se PE187601

Slow Multiple Hinges PE187701

Metal Screen Door Squ PE187801

Metal Screen Door Squ PE187901

Wood Floor Creaks 1 PE188001

Wood Floor Creaks 2 PE188101

Wood Floor Creaks 3 PE188201

Metal Door Creaks Mul PE188301

Small Hinge Squeak Hv PE188401

Highpitched Metal Sq PE188501

Highpitched Metal Sq PE188601

Thick Rope Stretch Tw PE188701

Wood Creaks Very Clos PE188801

Heavy Wood Window Sqk PE188901

Ice Creaks Groans Rev PE189001

PE-19 - Beeps, Bells, Buzzers, Rumbles & Tools


Rapid Midrange Beeps PE190101

Single High Pit Beeps PE190201

Computer Beeps PE190301

Modern Machine Beeps PE190401

Telemetr Y Beeps Std PE190501

Watch Alarm High Beep PE190601


Bicycle Bell Rings Sm PE190701

Large High Pitch Bell PE190801

Large Low Pitch Bell PE190901

Bell Tower Single Low PE191001

Bell Tower Three LowP PE191101

Bell Tower ClassicT PE191201

City Church Bells Low PE191301

Bell Tower Low Somber PE191401

Bell Tower Medium Pit PE191501

Bell Tower High Pitch PE191601

Bell Tower High Pitch PE191701

Department Store Pag PE191801

High Pitched Desk Bel PE191901

High Pitched Desk Bel PE192001

Home Doorbell Classi PE192101

Home Doorbell Classi PE192201

Home Doorbell Rings 1 PE192301

Home Doorbell Rings 2 PE192401

Brass Door Bells Jing PE192501

Brass Door Chimes Jin PE192601

Door Camel Bells Jing PE192701

Elevator Bell DingsL PE192801

Elevator Bell DingsS PE192901

Antique Fire EngineO PE193001

School Bell Short Rin PE193101

School Bell Long Ring PE193201

School Bell Short Rin PE193301

School Bell Long Ring PE193401

Ship Bell Dings Close PE193501

Egg Timer Bell DingsL PE193601

Train Crossing BellT PE193701

Wind Chimes

Light Metal Wind Chim PE193801

Glass Wind Chimes Rin PE193901

Pentatonic Wind Chim PE194001


Door Buzzer Industri PE194101

Door Buzzer Apartmen PE194201

Electronic Buzzer Lo PE194301

Warning Buzzer Indus PE194401

Warning Buzzer Space PE194501


Low Freq Earthqk Rumb PE194601

Low Freq Earthqk Rumb PE194701

Underwater Rumble PE194801

Avalanche Rumble Roc PE194901


Air Tool Ratchet Whir PE195001

Air Tool Wrench Whir 1 PE195101

Air Tool Wrench Whir 2 PE195201

Electric Drill Wood PE195301

Air Drill Short LongS PE195401

Metal Grinder Very Lo PE195501

Industrial GrinderR PE195601

Air Chisel Harsh Pneu PE195701

Hammer 1 Soft Hits Nai PE195801

Hammer 2 Nail Wood Int PE195901

Small Air Sander Revb PE196001

Handheld Saw Wood CU PE196101

Handheld Saw Fast Rev PE196201

Power Saw Grinds Long PE196301

Industrial Saw Large PE196401

Electric Saw Cut Metl PE196501

Industrial Saw Large PE196601

Industrial Saw Large PE196701

Chain Saw False Start PE196801

Acetylene Blow Torch PE196901

Shoveling Dirt Light PE197001

Assembly Line Ambien PE197101

Bulldozer Blade Drop PE197201

Construction Site Am PE197301

Construction Site Am PE197401

Construction Site Am PE197501

Chain Saw Constructi PE197601

Saw Mill Ambience Pow PE197701

Bulldozer Crane Heav PE197801

Crane Interior Engin PE197901

Dump Truck Backs Up Du PE198001

Grinding Mulch Machi PE198101

Jackhammer Interior PE198201

Jackhammer Low Knock PE198301

Pile Driver 1 Rhythmi PE198401

Pile Driver 2 Start Up PE198501

Wood Shop Ambience

Wood Shop Ambience Bs PE198601

PE-20 - Electronic, Sci-Fi


Electricity Arcing 1 PE200101

Electricity Arcing 2 PE200201

Electricity Arcing 3 PE200301

High Voltage Electri PE200401

Electrical Zaps Arcs PE200501


Electrical Buzz Tran PE200601

Multi Pitched Oscill PE200701


Electrical Sparking PE200801

Gong Scrape

Gong Long Scrape Acro PE200901


Electrical Hum Buzz PE201001

Machine Hum Very LowF PE201101

Industrial Plant

Industrial Plant Amb PE201201

Science Fiction

Synthesized JungleB PE201301

Laser 19 Short Blasts PE201401

Laser 2 Long Oscillat PE201501

Laser 3 HighpitchedV PE201601

Laser 4 Mediumpitche PE201701

Buzz 1 MultipitchedO PE201801

Buzz 2 MultipitchedO PE201901

Synth Radio 1 Oscilla PE202001

Synth Radio 2 TuningS PE202101

Elevator Servo Motor PE202201

Elevator Servo Motor PE202301

Elevator Servo Motor PE202401

Servo Motor 4 Turns On PE202501

Servo Motor 5 Quick On PE202601

Rising Multi PTones PE202701

Rising Multi PTones  PE202801

Rising Multi PTones PE202901

Rising Soundwaves To PE203001

Descending Soundwav PE203101

Flanging Synth Tone PE203201

Synth Door Opens Sque PE203301

Fast Sequence On Synt PE203401

Eerie Synth Tone Risi PE203501

Synthesized WhooshS PE203601

Bubbling Rising Synt PE203701

Oscillating Multipi PE203801

Oscillating High Fre PE203901

Low Frequency Oscill PE204001

Low Frequency SynthH PE204101

Low Frequency Pulsat PE204201

Lowpitched Synth Ton PE204301

Synth Comet Whoosh By PE204401

Flanged Whoosh Short PE204501

Flanged Oscill Tones PE204601

Processed Air Releas PE204701

Processed Air Releas PE204801

Short Synth Rising Mu PE204901

Short Synth Rising Fa PE205001

Synth Gun Ricochet Mu PE205101

Synth Gun Ricochet Mu PE205201

Synth Highpitched To PE205301

Synth Energy Zaps 1 To PE205401

Synth Energy Zaps 2 To PE205501

Synth Energy Zaps 3 Mu PE205601

Synth Energy Zaps 4 Mu PE205701

Synth Energy Zap 5 Sin PE205801

Synth Energy Zap 6 Sin PE205901

Synth Energy Zaps Dbl PE206001

Synth Energy Zaps Tri PE206101

Synth Energy Zap Shor PE206201

Synth Energy Zaps 10F PE206301

Synth Energy Zap Desc PE206401

Synth Energy Zap Whoo PE206501

Synth Gun Shot Ricoch PE206601

Long Synth Zap Whoosh PE206701

Synth Martian Voice PE206801

Synth Bug Fly Bys Thre PE206901

Synth Spaceship By Pn PE207001

Synth Spaceship By Pn PE207101

Synth Spaceship By Pn PE207201

Synth Spaceship In By PE207301

Synth Spaceship In By PE207401

Reverse Ricochet 1 St PE207501

Reverse Ricochet 2 St PE207601

Reverse Ricochet 3 St PE207701

Reverse Ricochet 4 Tw PE207801

Eerie Low FrequencyS PE207901

Low Frequency Fast Sy PE208001

Multipitched SynthL PE208101

Multipitched High Fr PE208201

Singlepitched HighF PE208301

Bull Growls Processe PE208401

Werewolf Growls Proc PE208501

Vicious Dog Growls Pr PE208601

Bull Growls Processe PE208701

Synth Alien Breathin PE208801

Synth Alien Screams 1 PE208901

Synth Alien Screams 2 PE209001

Synth Generated Heli PE209101

Synth Generated High PE209201

Eerie MultipitchedR PE209301

Large Synth Motor Rap PE209401

Low Frequency SynthT PE209501

Synth Spaceship Inte PE209601

Synth Spaceship Inte PE209701

Synth Submarine Inte PE209801

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