"Once in a Blue Moon"

"All Creatures Great and Smurf"

"The Smurf Fire Brigade"

"The Winged Wizard"

"Every Picture Smurfs a Story"

"The First Telesmurf"

"Handy's Kite"

"The Magic Earrings"

"The Last Smurfberry"

"A Little Smurf Confidence"

"Hogatha's Heartthrob"

"Born Rotten"

"The Tear of a Smurf"

"The Miracle Smurfer"

"The Smurf Who Would Be King"

"How to Smurf a Rainbow"

"Smurfette for a Day"

"Peewit Meets Bigmouth"

"Lumbering Smurfs"

"Handy's Sweetheart"

"A Hovel Is Not a Home"

"Speak for Yourself, Farmer Smurf"


"The Grumpy Gremlin"

"Willpower Smurfs"

"Clumsy Luck"

"Baby Smurf Is Missing"

"The Smurfs' Time Capsule"

"Wedding Bells for Gargamel"

"To Smurf a Thief"

"Greedy and the Porridge Pot"

"Harmony Steals the Show"

"The Golden Smurf Award"

"The Moor's Baby"

"Hefty's Heart"

"A Hug for Grouchy"

"The Magic Rattle"

"All Hallows' Eve"

"The Littlest Witch"

"April Smurf's Day"

"The Magic Stick"

"Baby's First Christmas"

"Beauty Is Only Smurf Deep"

"A Wolf in Peewit's Clothing"

"A Bell for Azrael"

"The Chief Record Smurf"

"Smurfing in Sign Language"

"A Chip Off the Old Smurf"

"A Gift for Papa's Day"

"Good Neighbor Smurf"

"The Smurfstone Quest"

"Hats Off to Smurfs"

"The Noble Stag"

"Smurfy Acres"

"No Time for Smurfs"

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