Cast Edit

  • Greg as Barney
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur as Baby Bop
  • Jeff as BJ
  • Wags the Dog as Riff
  • Murray as Robert
  • Captain Feathersword as Scooter McNutty
  • Henry the Octopus as Michael
  • Anthony as Carlos
  • Magdelina the Mermaid as Tina
  • Flora Door as Kathy
  • Emma as Min
  • Simon as Derek
  • Lachy as Juan
  • Johann as Chip
  • Missy as Luci
  • Fifi as Hannah
  • Fairy Clare as Kristen
  • Fiary Larissa as Tosha
  • King John as Curtis
  • Queen Isabella as Julie
  • James as Jason
  • Genevieve as Ashley
  • and more
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