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The Wiggles SeriesEdit

Ep 1.: "Anthony's Friend"Edit

Ep 2.: "Foodman"Edit

Ep 3.: "Murray's Shirt"Edit

Ep 4.: "Building Blocks"Edit

Ep 5.: "Jeff the Mechanic"Edit

Ep 6.: "Lilly"Edit

Ep 7.: "Zardo Zap"Edit

Ep 8.: "The Party"Edit

Ep 9.: "Wiggle Opera"Edit

Ep 10.: "Haircut"Edit

Ep 11.: "Muscleman Murray"Edit

Ep 12.: "Spooked Wiggles"Edit

Ep 13.: "Funny Greg"Edit

Wiggly TV SeriesEdit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.: "Food"Edit

Ep 2.: "Numbers and Counting"Edit

Ep 3.: "Dancing"Edit

Ep 4.: "Dressing Up"Edit

Ep 5.: "Your Body"Edit

Ep 6.: "At Play"Edit

Ep 7.: "Safety"Edit

Ep 8.: "Storytelling"Edit

Ep 9.: "Friends"Edit

Ep 10.: "Multicultural"Edit

Ep 11.: "Music & Musical Instruments"Edit

Ep 12.: "Hygiene"Edit

Ep 13.: "Animals"Edit

Ep 14.: "History"Edit

Ep 15.: "Family"Edit

Ep 16.: "Movement"Edit

Ep 17.: "Nutrition"Edit

Ep 18.: "Directions"Edit

Ep 19.: "Manners"Edit

Ep 20.: "Travel"Edit

Ep 21.: "Play"Edit

Ep 22.: "The Body"Edit

Ep 23.: "Communication"Edit

Ep 24.: "Work"Edit

Ep 25.: "Imagination"Edit

Ep 26.: "Cows, Ducks"Edit

Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! SeriesEdit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1Edit

Ep 2Edit

Ep 3Edit

Ep 4Edit

Ep 5Edit

Ep 6Edit

Ep 7Edit

Ep 8Edit

Ep 9Edit

Ep 10Edit

Ep 11Edit

Ep 12Edit

Ep 13Edit

Ep 14Edit

Ep 15Edit

Ep 16Edit

Ep 17Edit

Ep 18Edit

Ep 19Edit

Ep 20Edit

Ep 21Edit

Ep 22Edit

Ep 23Edit

Ep 24Edit

Ep 25Edit

Ep 26Edit

Ep 27Edit

Ep 28Edit

Ep 29Edit

Ep 30Edit

Ep 31Edit

Ep 32Edit

Ep 33Edit

Ep 34Edit

Ep 35Edit

Ep 36Edit

Ep 37Edit

Ep 38Edit

Ep 39Edit

Ep 40Edit

Ep 41Edit

Ep 42Edit

Ep 43Edit

Ep 44Edit

Ep 45Edit

Ep 46Edit

Ep 47Edit

Ep 48Edit

Ep 49Edit

Ep 50Edit

Ep 51Edit

Ep 52Edit

The Wiggles Show Series 1Edit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.: "Wiggly Party"Edit

Ep 2.: "Big Red Car"Edit

Ep 3.: "Play Your Guitar"Edit

Ep 4.: "Elbow to Elbow"Edit

Ep 5.: "Kangaroo Dance"Edit

Ep 6.: "Learn Languages"Edit

Ep 7.: "Topsy Turvy"Edit

Ep 8.: "Where's Jeff?"Edit

Ep 9.: "Wiggly Mystery"Edit

Ep 10.: "Caveland"Edit

Ep 11.: "Wiggle Groove"Edit

Ep 12.: "Bow Wow Wow"Edit

Ep 13.: "Make Some Rosy Tea"Edit

Ep 14.: "Monkey Dance"Edit

Ep 15.: "Musical Quiz"Edit

Ep 16.: "Say Aah"Edit

Ep 17.: "Train Dance"Edit

Ep 18.: "Astronaut Dance"Edit

Ep 19.: "Jack in the Box"Edit

Ep 20.: "Cowboys and Cowgirls"Edit

Ep 21.: "Quack Quack"Edit

Ep 22.: "Helicopter Dance"Edit

Ep 23.: "Chirpy Chirpy Dance"Edit

Ep 24.: "Picking Flowers"Edit

Ep 25.: "Let's Go Swimming"Edit

Ep 26.: "Cha Cha Cha"Edit

The Wiggles Show Series 2Edit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.: "Fruity Fun"Edit

Ep 2.: "Let's Have a Dance!"Edit

Ep 3.: "The Wiggle Way"Edit

Ep 4.: "Shh! Shh! Shh!"Edit

Ep 5.: "A Wiggly Concert"Edit

Ep 6.: "Playing a Trick on the Captain"Edit

Ep 7.: "The Gorilla Dance"Edit

Ep 8.: "Pirate Radio"Edit

Ep 9.: "Amazing Alpaca"Edit

Ep 10.: "It's Sunny Today"Edit

Ep 11.: "Picnic Without Ants"Edit

Ep 12.: "We Like To Say Hello"Edit

Ep 13.: "Wiggly Shopping List"Edit

Ep 14.: "Pirate Dancing"Edit

Ep 15.: "Nodding Dance!"Edit

Ep 16.: "Musical Bonanza"Edit

Ep 17.: "O'Reilly!"Edit

Ep 18.: "Shingle Back Lizard"Edit

Ep 19.: "Pirate Dancing Shoes"Edit

Ep 20.: "We Can Do So Many Things"Edit

Ep 21.: "Box of Mystery"Edit

Ep 22.: "Look But Don't Touch"Edit

Ep 23.: "Farmer Brown"Edit

Ep 24.: "Watch, Learn, Dance, Sing"Edit

Ep 25.: "Animal Charades"Edit

Ep 26.: "Fun at the Beach"Edit

Wiggle and Learn SeriesEdit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.Edit

Ep 2.Edit

Ep 3.Edit

Ep 4.Edit

Ep 5.Edit

Ep 6.Edit

Ep 7.Edit

Ep 8.Edit

Ep 9.Edit

Ep 10.Edit

Ep 11.Edit

Ep 12.Edit

Ep 13.Edit

Ep 14.Edit

Ep 15.Edit

Ep 16.Edit

Ep 17.Edit

Ep 18.Edit

Ep 19.Edit

Ep 20.Edit

Ep 21.Edit

Ep 22.Edit

Ep 23.Edit

Ep 24.Edit

Ep 25.Edit

Ep 26.Edit

Ep 27.Edit

Ep 28.Edit

Ep 29.Edit

Ep 30.Edit

Ep 31.Edit

Ep 32.Edit

Ep 33.Edit

Ep 34.Edit

Ep 35.Edit

Ep 36.Edit

Ep 37.Edit

Ep 38.Edit

Ep 39.Edit

Ep 40.Edit

Ep 41.Edit

Ep 42.Edit

Ep 43.Edit

Ep 44.Edit

Ep 45.Edit

Ep 46.Edit

Ep 47.Edit

Ep 48.Edit

Ep 49.Edit

Ep 50.Edit

Ep 51.Edit

Ep 52.Edit

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 1Edit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.: Miss Polly Had a Dolly"Edit

Ep 2.: "Wake Up Lachy!"Edit

Ep 3.: "Lachy Shrunk the Wiggles"Edit

Ep 4.: "The Wiggly Singing Symphony"Edit

Ep 5.: "Taba Naba"Edit

Ep 6.: "Wash Your Hand"Edit

Ep 7.: "Spring Has Come"Edit

Ep 8.: "Simon Goes Quackers"Edit

Ep 9.: "Ooey, Ooey Allergies"Edit

Ep 10.: "A Lot of Camelot"Edit

Ep 11.: "Tasty Science"Edit

Ep 12.: "Toot Toot!"Edit

Ep 13.: "Invisible Lachy"Edit

Ep 14.: "Yummy Yummy!"Edit

Ep 15.: "Let's Go Driving in the Big Red Car"Edit

Ep 16.: "Excuse Meow!"Edit

Ep 17.: "Let's All Shake!"Edit

Ep 18.: "Beautiful Ballet"Edit

Ep 19.: "Who Am I?"Edit

Ep 20.: "A Hair Disaster"Edit

Ep 21.: "Pirate Poetry"Edit

Ep 22.: "The Mango Walk"Edit

Ep 23.: "Emma's Missing Bow"Edit

Ep 24.: "We Like Fruit"Edit

Ep 25.: "Is That Lachy?"Edit

Ep 26.: "Hula Hoop Symphony"Edit

Ep 27.: "Clean Your Teeth!"Edit

Ep 28.: "Percussion Party"Edit

Ep 29.: "Marty Party"Edit

Ep 30.: "Is That Captain Feathersword?"Edit

Ep 31.: "Is That Wags?"Edit

Ep 32.: "Harry Hula"Edit

Ep 33.: "Musical Memory"Edit

Ep 34.: "Doctor Entertainment"Edit

Ep 35.: "Singing With Lachy"Edit

Ep 36.: "Quack, Quack!"Edit

Ep 37.: "Slow Motion Anthony"Edit

Ep 38.: "Lounge Room Symphony"Edit

Ep 39.: "Wiggly Yoga"Edit

Ep 40.: "A Musical Cake"Edit

Ep 41.: "The Glass is Half Full"Edit

Ep 42.: "Simon Says"Edit

Ep 43.: "Sign the ABC"Edit

Ep 44.: "Joannie Works With One Hammer"Edit

Ep 45.: "Doctor Anglais"Edit

Ep 46.: "Is That Simon?"Edit

Ep 47.: "Professor Simon's Musical Challenge"Edit

Ep 48.: "Captain's Experiment"Edit

Ep 49.: "Doctor Treble Clef"Edit

Ep 50.: "Captain and the Tomatoes"Edit

Ep 51.: "What's That Sound?"Edit

Ep 52.: "A Juicy Story"Edit

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Series 2Edit

Opening ThemeEdit

Ep 1.: Captain's Lost Hornpipe"Edit

Ep 2.: "Emma's Ballet"Edit

Ep 3.: "Apples and Bananas"Edit

Ep 4.: "Emma's Bike Won't Work"Edit

Ep 5. "Dressing Up In Style"Edit

Ep 6.: "Lachy Can't Rhyme"Edit

Ep 7.: "Simon's Brush With Fame"Edit

Ep 8.: "Big Red Boat"Edit

Ep 9.: "Anthony Forgets"Edit

Ep 10.: "The Hawk"Edit

Ep 11.: "Simon Can't Stop Yodelling!"Edit

Ep 12.: "Cowboy Anthony"Edit

Ep 13.: "Simon's Sad Fruit Salad"Edit

Ep 14.: "The Talking Cow"Edit

Ep 15.: "Beaky Can't Sing!"Edit

Ep 16.: "Little Sir Echo"Edit

Ep 17.: "Ahoy There, Lachy!"Edit

Ep 18.: "Emma Can't Read"Edit

Ep 19.: This Little Piggy"Edit

Ep 20.: "Beep Beep Buckle Up!"Edit

Ep 21.: "Anthony's Singing"Edit

Ep 22.: "King Simon"Edit

Ep 23.: "Wiggle Talk"Edit

Ep 24.: "Wiggle Picnic"Edit

Ep 25.: "Beaky Overeats"Edit

Ep 26.: "Zamel the Camel"Edit

Ep 27.: "Wags Has Lost His Wiggle"Edit

Ep 28.: "Miss Lucy Had a Ducky"Edit

Ep 29.: "A Mariachi Moment"Edit

Ep 30.: "Riding in the Big Red Car"Edit

Ep 31.: "The Laughing Doctor"Edit

Ep 32.: "Irish Dancing"Edit

Ep 33.: "Emma, the Firefighter"Edit

Ep 34.: "Lachy's Orange Hair"Edit

Ep 35.: "Romp Bomp A Stomp"Edit

Ep 36.: "What's Your Favourite Nursery Rhyme?"Edit

Ep 37.: Detective Lachy"Edit

Ep 38.: "Emma's Bad Hair Day"Edit

Ep 39.: "Lachy Can't Sing"Edit

Ep 40.: "Say The Dance, Do The Dance"Edit

Ep 41.: "Emma's Missing Bow"Edit

Ep 42.: "Captain's Magic Buttons"Edit

Ep 43.: "Simon, The Opera Singer"Edit

Ep 44.: "Dorothy's Baking"Edit

Ep 45.: "Lachy's Bunny Caller"Edit

Ep 46.: "Food, Trains And Animals"Edit

Ep 47.: "Princess Emma Of Wiggle House"Edit

Ep 48.: "Anthony Has Over Eaten!"Edit

Ep 49.: "Hip Hop With Emma"Edit

Ep 50.: "Lachy's Bird Poem"Edit

Ep 51.: "I'll Tell Me Ma"Edit

Ep 52.: "Lachy's Pappadum Party"Edit

What episodes are these shots from?Edit

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