Junior senior (animated during move your feet) as 9 volt and 18 volt

Amelle (of Sugababes) as Mona

Abz (of 5ive) as wario

Heavenli, Celena And Marianna (of honeyz) as 5 volt

Jessica, Kelli And Michelle (of Liberty x) as penny

Kevin And tony (of Liberty x) as orbulon

Simon, Duncan And Antony (of blue) as master mantis

j, Sean, Ritchie and Scott (of 5ive) as jimmy t

Lee (of blue) as dr crygor

Jimmy (of 911) as young cricket

Spike and lee (of 911) as dribble and spitz

Natasha, liz And Jenny (atomic kitten) as Kat and ana

Sinead, Edele, keavy And Lindsey (b*witched) as Ashley

Brian the robot (from as mike

Andrex puppy as red

Jelly and Jackson (from the story makers) as Maggie

Nev (from bear behaving badly) as ash

Roly Mo (from fimbles and the Roly Mo show) as ash as extra

Soo (from the sooty show) as Annie

Zippy and George (from rainbow) Cassie

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