Abz drives his bike and plays Owl City’s Unbelievable.

Soo:"Wait a minute! Cut! Who the heck turns on Owl City anyway?"

  • Beeps*

Announcer:"WARNING! This is a meme, not an outtake!"

Abz:"WHAT!!!!! The big reunion never makes memes!" *sighs*

Junior:*running onscreen laughing* "I couldn’t resist a prank!" *Laughs in bart and milhouse’s voice*

Abz:"junior? You caused all this?"

Junior:"Yes! Yes, I did!"

Abz:"You friggin' trickster! Security!"

Junior:"Uh oh!" *Runs away*

stephen: Abz! You’re the set hero!"


  • Beeps*

Abz (offscreen):"OK! This next scene was shot RIGHT after lunch!"

Director:"Take 9! Ready Everyone?"


Amelle:"Crap, Tony!"

Tony:"My apologizes! Must've been that bean burrito I had for lunch!"

  • Beeps*


Liz:"You don’t what, Jenny! We need to join Abz for the...."

Liz And Jenny:"Ahhh!"


Liz And Jenny:"Stephen?!"

stephen seagull:"Sorry, girls! Something crazy happened while I was wandering around!"

Director:"Cut! Remove Blu out of the shot and let's go again!"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 5.....Action!"

Lindsey:"No worry! I’ll slow the enemies down" *slows the enemies down*

big bird: You’ll never slow us down, girls!"

Keavy And Edele:"Wait, what?"

Jewel:"Cut! That’s a good take!"

Director:"Oh awesome!"

Andrex puppy:"But who let big bird on the set? Security!"

big bird:"Aw shoot!"

Sinead:"Many thanks, Andrex puppy!"

Andrex puppy:"No problem, Girls!

  • Beeps*

Abz:"We have to get rich with money!"

stephen:"Cut! It’s we have to get rich with gold! Not, we have to get rich with money!"

Abz:"Okay, my bad!"

  • Beeps*

Kerry:"We’re at the pyramid of gold!"

Abz:"Perfect! Let get rich, before they’re gone!"

Kerry:"Get ‘em!" *Farts*

Abz:"Woah!! You farted like me!"

stephen:"Okay, this studio don’t want farting except for this set!"

bert and ernie:"Go tell ‘em!"


Kerry:"My bad, everybody! Must've been that cheese chili dog I had for lunch!" *Rubs her belly*

Abz:"And your belly is fat like mine!" *Tickles Lulu's belly*

Kerry:*Laughs* "Hey! Cut it out! I'm ticklish!

  • Beeps*

J:"Abz! I need you help!" *laughs* "I couldn’t resist it!"

Director:"Okay, lets go again!"

  • Beeps*

J:"Abz! I need you help!" *Toots* "Sorry about that!"

  • Beeps*

J:"Abz! I need you help! Wait, I don’t know!"


  • Beeps*


cookie Monster:"Did me automatically get all gold?"

Abz:"Congratulations, we got all our gold!"

cookie monster:*Farts*

Director:"Cut! Why are you on the set, cookie Monster?"

  • Beeps*

George:"How was your concert?"

Jelly:"Great! But Grover helped me set up the concert!"


grover:"Whoops! My bad!"


  • Beeps*

Kerry:"We’re at the pyramid of gold!"

Abz:"Perfect! Let get rich, before they’re gone!"

Kerry:"Get ‘em!"

Kerry and Abz crashes into gold avalanche.

Everyone (except Kerry and Abz):*Laughs*

  • Beeps*

Liz, Natasha and Jenny:"We’re here to help!"

Ritchie:"I’m in!"

Kerry:"Me too!"

Amelle:"Wait, what? Sorry, I can’t remember what to say!"

Director:"Cut! Could someone go and get Amelle’s script please?"

Kerry, Ritchie, Liz And Natasha:*Laughs in kids of Springfield schools voices*

  • Beeps*

Abz:"Kerry, remember what I told ya!"

Kerry:"Yeah! Actually I can't! Wait, what was my line again?" *Giggles*

Director:"Cut! Somebody get Kerry’s script!"

  • Beeps*

Abz:"Kerry, remember what I told ya!"

Abz gets slimed by Nickelodeon


Abz:"Ha! Who slimes me?"

Director:"Cut! You’re invited to Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards!"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 7.....Action!"


Liz:"Is telly sleeping?"

Jenny: telly?!"

Director:"Cut! Is someone wake telly up, please?"

stephen:"I’ll wake him up!"

Director:"Thank you, stephen seagull!"

stephen:"telly! Come on, man! Wake up!"

telly:"Wait, what!"

stephen:"You’re in the wrong set! This is The big reunion/WarioWare Adventures set! Not your set!"

telly:"Crap! I’m in the wrong set!"

  • Beeps*

Abz (Offscreen):"We’re after dinner break and we get to stay overnight!"


Kevin:"I’ll get all golds for all of us!"

Abz:*Farts* "My apologize! Must’ve chilies with noddles for dinner!"

Kevin:"Crap, man!"

  • Beeps*

Lee:"It’s okay, that’s what we looking for!"

Spike:"LUNCH!" *runs offscreen*

Lee:"Spike? Where is she, Jewel?"

Jewel:"She was in line for her meal! Cut!"

  • Beeps*

Jimmy:"Dude, we’re at the house of doom!" *Pees* "Crap! Must’ve drink too much juice cocktails!"


  • Beeps*

Abz:"That’s fake gold!!!"

Soo:"Holy Crap! The real gold has disappeared!"

Abz:"All we get some REAL GOLDS!" *laughs*

Soo:*Chuckles a bit*

Director:"Cut! Who stole all the real gold? Security!"

  • Beeps*

Lee:"It’s okay, that’s what we looking for!"

Spike plays Owl City’s Light of Christmas

Lee:"Is it Christmas?"

Spike:"Yes! It’s Christmas time!"

Director:"Cut! I know it’s Christmas time, but we’re still in the set!"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 11.....Action!"

Soo:"So Wario, how’s Nickelodeon Awards going?"

Abz:"Sliming! I was in halftime show with Owl City! Then I got slimed again!"



Everyone else (except soo):*Laughs*

Soo:"That's it! I'm calling my agent! Somebody get my phone!"

  • Beeps*


Kerry:"C'mon! Giddy-up, horsey!"

Jimmy:"No way! I'm exhausted right now, dude!"

Kerry:"Okay! Looks like I'll have to...."

Jimmy:"If you tickle me, you're so gonna regret it!"

Kerry:"Too late!" *Tickles Jimmy*

Jimmy:*Laughs* "Oh no! No! Nohohohohohohohohohoho! Stop tickling mehehehehehehehehehehehe!"

Kerry:"Give me a horseback ride or I'll tickle your weak point!"


Kerry:"Alright then!" *Tickles Young Cricket's underarms*

Jimmy:*Squeals* "Oh, stop! Please! I concede! I concede! No more!"

Kerry:*Stops tickling Young Cricket*


Director:"Okay! Cut! Legit take!"

Jimmy:"Oh! Awesome! I'll be eating dumplings in my trailer if you need me!"

  • Beeps*

Jenny:"This is it, guys!" *looks at the camera*

Natasha: Hello! Where are they?"

birds eye polar bear:"They are at lunch!"

Natasha, Jenny And liz:"Lunch time!?"

Sean:"Sorry, I was in lunch with my friends!"

Liz, Jenny and Natasha:"What the WarioWare?!"

  • Beeps*

Abz:"Take 1...and Action!"

Scott:"Now hang on, Lulu! We said there are 2 rounds!"

Kerry:"No way! I want my prize now!" *Pounces on One of the members and starts beating him*

J:*Screams* "What the WarioWare, man?!"

Lee:"Dang! Lulu really knows how to fight!"

Wario:"Cut!" (Offscreen) "We had to take a break before we went again!"

  • Beeps*

Wario:"Come on, guys! Take 2...Action!"

Jimmy T:"Now hang on Lulu! We said there are 2 rounds!"

Lulu:"2 rounds? No one told me we're doing 2 rounds of Dance Dance Revolution!"

Wario:"Cut! That's a lot better!"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 25....Action!"


michelle:"Yeah!!!! Stay here! I'll be back with doctor's equipment!" *Turns off the tickle machine and goes offscreen*

Lulu:"What the WarioWare?"

The andrex puppy, Kevin, junior, Liz, jenny And Natasha:*Laughs in the kids of Springfield school*

Lee:"Cut! Kerry, for the last time, we're making the big reunion/WarioWare Adventures!"

Kerry:"Oh! Okay! My bad! Sorry, guys! That saying just slipped out!"

Michelle:*Comes onscreen laughing*

Abz:(Offscreen) "Looks like Kerry lost track of what show we were making!" *Laughs*

  • Beeps*

Abz:(Offscreen) "Alright! In this next scene, I crashed into Spike and lee while Amelle tickled by my sides while I'm driving!"

Director:"Okay! Take 15...and Action!"

Amelle:*Tickles Abz’s sides*

Abz:*Laughs* "Amelle, stop that! No tickling the driver while they're driving!"

Amelle:*Tickles Wario's sides faster; ignoring Abz*

Abz:*Laughs* "Amelle! Stop! Please!"

Spike and lee:*Whistle happily*

Spike:"Hey, Lee, what's that coming towards us?"

Lee:"It's a laughing driver! U-TURN!"

Spike:"We're not gonna make it!"

Lee, spike and abz crash into each other.

Director:"Cut! Awesome take, guys!"

Lee:"Great! Spike and I will be in our trailer!"

Abz:"Agreed! I'll be in my trailer!"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 22....Action!"


Amelle:"What is it, Lulu?"

Kerry:"Something tickled me, dudes!"


Everyone:(except Kerry) *Laughs*

Kerry: Lee, you're making me nervous! Can you please stop?"

  • Beeps*

Director:"Take 23!"

Kerry:"Something tickled me, yo!"

Lee:"Even better!"

Everyone:(except Kerry) *Laughs*

Kerry:"That's it! I've had it with lee! Can somebody get my agent on the phone? Cause I'm out of here! Bye bye!" *Goes offscreen*

Director:"Okay! Let's cut!"

  • Beeps*

Abz (To the viewers):*Laughs* "That’s so hilarious outtakes I’ve ever seen since they told me that I wouldn’t expect them."

Kerry:"Abz!? Why are you laughing out loud?

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