Eli wages film

Note: this is Eli wages’ first video to feature warioware

Humans in the cast Edit

annasophia Rob - Samantha

charlotte lawrence - Lauren

coy stewart - neomiah

Jack griffo - Stefan

Alisha Newton - Niamh

Taylor lautner - eddie

Jenna ortagea - Kim

Songs Edit

Modern love - Samantha, Stefan and the bear in the big blue house characters

Part time lover - Stevie wonder

Blurred lines - 18 volt

Automatic - Lauren and the simpsons characters

Tears - Frida suarez

living and learning - 18 volt and the Eli wages people

share - 9 volt, 18 volt, Elmo and zoe

Help - henry, June and the humans

Humans in the cast Edit

6teen (@2004-2010 Teletoon)

Animaniacs (@1993-1998 Warner Bros.)

Bunsen Is a Beast (@2017 Nickelodeon)

Bubble Guppies (@2011-2016 Nickelodeon) (they made a cameo as well)

Bear in the Big blue House (@1997-2006 Jim Henson)

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers (@2004-2006 Disney)

Chowder (@2007-2010 Cartoon Network)

Camp Lazlo (@2005-2008 Cartoon Network)

Crash & Bernstein (@2012-2014 Disney)

Codename: Kids Next Door (@2002-2008 Cartoon Network)

ChalkZone (@2002-2008 Nickelodeon)

Chuck's Choice (@2017 YTV)

Camp Lakebottom (@2013 Teletoon)

Dexter's Laboratory (@1996-2003 Cartoon Network)

El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera (@2007-2008 Nickelodeon)

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (@2004-2009 Cartoon Network)

Grojband (@2013-2015 Teletoon)

Gravity Falls (@2012-2016 Disney)

Histeria! (@1998-2000 Warner Bros.)

Hop (@2011 Illumination/Universal)

Kirby: Right Back at Ya! (@2001-2003 4Kids)

KaBlam! (@1996-2000 Nickelodeon)

Kidsongs (@1985-1998 TAP/Warner) (The kidsongs characters made a cameo)

Lizzie McGuire (@2001-2004 Disney)

My Life as a Teenage Robot (@2003-2009 Nickelodeon)

¡Mucha Lucha! (@2002-2005 Warner Bros.)

Odd Squad (@2014 PBS)

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (@2017 Cartoon Network)

PB&J Otter (@1998-2000 Disney)

Rocko's Modern Life (@1993-1996 Nickelodeon)

Stoked (@2009-2013 Teletoon)

Sesame Street (@1969 @2016 PBS/HBO)

Total Drama (@2007-2014 Teletoon)

ToonMarty (@2017 Teletoon)

Star vs. the Forces of Evil (@2015 Disney) (nightclub)

The Simpsons (@1989- 20th Century Fox)

The Ren & Stimpy Show (@1991-1995 Nickelodeon)

The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack (@2008-2010 Cartoon Network)

The Buzz on Maggie (@2005-2006 Disney)

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody (@2005-2008 Disney)

VeggieTales (@1993 Big Idea)

Wander Over Yonder (@2013-2016 Disney)

Wayside (@2005-2008 Nickelodeon)

Yin Yang Yo! (@2006-2009 Jetix) (appeared at a nightclub)

Script Edit

  • Bob the tomato: [humming but notices the audience] Hi there kids! Welcome to the movie! Hey, we're so glad you came! Now this movie... [Larry the cucumber comes in, with a shower headress and a towel]
  • Larry the cucumber: Listen, Bob. I'm going to take a shower. Have you seen my anti-bacterial soap?
  • Bob: Uh, no, I haven't
  • Larry: Oh. [bob comes back to us]
  • Bob: Now, this movie you're about to see is all about, the Eli wages team.
  • Larry: Who are you talking to?
  • Bob: The audience, They're right here.
  • Larry: Huh?
  • Bob: See?
  • Larry: [gasps] Wow! Look at all those people! Hey, nice cardigan. [laughs]
  • Bob: Now, in this movie, the team are going to ask for your help. They want you to talk and play along. And they are going to fun places!
  • Larry: Uh, how do we start?
  • Bob: It's easy. Just count backwards from 10.
  • Larry: OK!
  • Bob,: You see, Larry. That's how you start a movie.
  • Larry: Oh!
  • Bob: Can you all help us count backwards from ten?
  • Kids in audience: Yeah!
  • Bob: Ready? Yell real loud! [A countdown, looking similar to the classic SMPTE film leader comes on]
  • Bob, Larry and the Kids in audience: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! [The background turns into a cloudy scenery]
  • Bob: Do you think you going to put some clothes on now?
  • Larry: What? [he notices, and screams. He runs away]
  • Bob the tomato: Enjoy the movie, everybody.
  • (Title comes on, at a nightclub)
  • samantha: good evening!
  • Lauren: oh! Hello sam! You look glamorous tonight
  • samantha: thank you
  • stefan: the lights are shining
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