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Henry: ladies and gentlemen, the eli wages is proud to present the blockbuster film, the story of how the old students came back together

June: it’s your favourite intelligent, laid back, relaxed tomboy, the girl who sings her lullaby to a baby, the girl who has a passion of candy

Henry: June, did she like candy?

June: yes, the girl who hates vegetables by getting poisoned, the african American star of all time...

(the limousine door opens to reveal Numbuh 5)

henry and june: Numbuh 5!!

(audience cheers)

Spongebob: yay! Yeah! Awo!

Larry the cucumber: (wolf whistles)

numbuh 5: yo, Numbuh 5 here, I wanna tell ya something. You like my chic and stylish room?

Kids: (offscreen) yeah!

numbuh 5: yeah. Check this out, a fireplace, a pool table, a dj system, a mirror ball, a candy bar, and a bathroom. Baby. See ya (sings will you love me tomorrow by the sherlies)

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