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Thomas' Christmas Delivery is a book.


It's Christmas Eve and just starting to snow. Thomas has three big deliveries to make before he can go back to the sheds and hang his stocking with his friends. He must deliver the food for the Christmas party at the Community Hall, take presents to children at the school, and bring presents to the Children's Hospital in Vicarstown. The snow continues to worsen but Thomas is determined to show Father Christmas what a really useful engine he is. At the hospital, Sir Topham Hatt asks him to make a special delivery to a little boy with a broken leg whose mother cannot get to the hospital through the snow. When Thomas worries that his stocking hasn't been hung and Father Christmas will forget him, Sir Topham Hatt assures him that Father Christmas will be as proud of Thomas as he is. Thomas makes the delivery and slowly heads home, where he sees that all of the stockings, including his, have been hung. When he wakes in the morning, his stocking is full of coal and there is a note thanking him for being so kind and helpful.

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