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Thomas' Snowy Surprise and Other Adventures is a US VHS/DVD featuring one 1st Season Episode and 1 2nd Season Episode narrated by George Carlin, 1 5th Season Episode and 3 6th Season Episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin, and 1 Song. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2003.


2003 VHS/DVD:

PEEP! PEEP! On Sir Topham Hatt's railway, the Winter Season is a very special time of year and all the Engines work extra hard to make the Holidays Special. But it's not always easy. Find out what could happen if the Villages on the Island of Sodor don't get their Yule tree in time for the Winter Celebration. See if Percy's snow-covered face tricks James and the Rest of the Engines into thinking they have seen the Very Scary Jack Frost. Watch if Duck is able to get to Farmer McColl's Lambs in time to save them from being trapped in the Snow. Join Thomas and his Very Useful Friends for some snowy adventures as they work to keep this winter season on track.


  1. It's Only Snow
  2. Jack Frost
  3. Toby Had a Little Lamb
  4. Snow
  5. Thomas' Christmas Party
  6. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree


Bonus Features

  • Percy's Order Fun game
  • Match the Snowflake game
  • Decorate a Christmas Tree game
  • Sodor Special Delivery
  • Web fun


  • Some copies of the VHS came with a bonus CD containing the Songs Winter Wonderland, The Snow SongDon't Judge a Book By Its Cover, and Never, Never, Never Give Up.
  • This was the First US DVD to open with the 2003 Anchor Bay Entertainment Logo.
  • At the Very End of Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree, the Last Few Seconds of footage is played backwards and the Twinkling Christmas Lights can be heard before the Start of the End Theme.
  • On Vudu and iTunes, the Release is in widescreen.
  • In the 2014 Re-Release, Web Fun was removed for unknown reason.


  • George Carlin is not given screen credit as 1 of the Narrators.
  • In the DVD Menu, Percy incorrectly says "You can play all the Adventures of Thomas' Christmas Wonderland".
  • In Sodor Special Deliveries, Terence's Letter spells Mrs. Kyndley's Name wrong.
  • The Back Cover of the DVD says "Thomas' Order Fun" but on the DVD, it is Percy's Order Fun.
  • Writers Christopher AwdryBritt AllcroftDavid MittonJenny McDade, and Paul Larson are not listed in the Credits.
  • Henry says on the Selection Screen that you can sing along to his favorite songbut there is only 1 song on this release.

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