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Thomas' Trackside Tunes is a US VHS featuring 1 4th series episode narrated by George Carlin, 1 5th series episode narrated by Alec Baldwin, and 6 songs. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 2001 on VHS. 2 7th series episodes narrated by Michael Brandon replaced the old episodes.


2001 VHS:

PEEP! PEEP! Travel the Island of Sodor with ThomasPercyJames and the rest of your Sodor friends as you embark on this magical, musical ride. Follow the bouncing steam cloud and sing along to 6 delightful music adventures. Fly high in the skies with Harold the Helicopter, quack along with Donald's Duck, and find out that accidents really do happen. Also included are 2 All-New stories, "Gordon and the Gremlin" with Storyteller Alec Baldwin, and the never-released, "Trucks" with storyteller George Carlin. Hop aboard for an unforgettable journey of musical excitement!


  1. James and the Queen of Sodor
  2. Trusty Rusty


  1. 5 New Engines in the Shed
  2. The Red Balloon
  3. There Once was an Engine Who Ran Away
  4. Troublesome Trucks
  5. Salty
  6. The Whistle Song
  7. Followed by a Story.