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Thomas' Trusty Friends is a UK, US, AUS, Dutch and German DVD release. It partially released the Jack and the Sodor Construction Company spin-off series filmed in 2002, when Gullane Entertainment was still in control of the series. The UK release featured eleven of the thirteen episodes. It was released for digital downloaded in 2017 featuring all thirteen episodes. The US release featured two sixth season episodes, a seventh season episode, a tenth season episode, a.Jack and the Sodor Construction Company episode and a third season. Lionsgate released the DVD for digital download in 2013. It was released for Dutch audiences under the name The Reliable Friends of Thomas. It was also released under the name Thomas and his Faithful Friends for German audiences.


2006 UK/AUSEditEdit

Meet Thomas and his trusty NEW friends at the Sodor Construction Company for lots of action packed new adventures! Join Jack the Digger, Alfie the Excavator, Kelly the Crane and loads of other great new characters as they work hard and play hard under the watchful eye of Miss Jennywho’s always there to make sure her machines do a job “spot on”!

2008 UK EditEdit

Meet Thomas and his trusty friends at the Sodor Construction Company for lots of action packed adventures! Join Jack the Digger, Alfie the Excavator, Kelly the Crane and loads of other great characters as they work hard and play hard under the watchful eye of Miss Jenny who's always there to make sure her machines do a job "spot on"!


All aboard for more fun with Thomas and his construction friends. From demolition to digging and steamrolling, this team really knows how to work together. When a storm causes chaos on the Island, Thomas and his friends must pull together to restore it in time for the big game.

Hop on board with Alfie, BusterMax and Monty and join in all the adventures!



  1. A Tale for Thomas - A very rare, old tree has been struck by lightning, but will all the machines be able to pull together and help to repair the tree?
  2. Thomas and the Moles - Buster feels left out when a big storm makes lots of damage on the Island of Sodor because there is nothing for a steamroller to do! When Miss Jenny discovers the soccer ground is covered in molehills she immediately calls for Buster!
  3. Kelly's Windy Day - A strong wind blows Kelly over damaging his wheels, but when he is called in to help Isobella he worries he will fall over, and hurt someone. Can he be brave and help out?
  4. Percy Helps Out - When Miss Jenny sends Nelson the Ballast Tractor to carry Thomas for repairs, he confides in Thomas that he'd like to be carried by someone else. He is delighted when Sir Topham Hatt instructs Percy to carry him all the way back to the yard.
  5. The Tortoise and the Hare - Working on the Sodor Rally Track, Buster dreams of being the fastest steamroller. Max and Monty tease him for being slow but when they are all asked to test the track Max and Monty are so busy arguing that Buster rolls over the finish line first!
  6. Thomas' Trusty Friends - Ned is disappointed that his only job on demolishing a building is to clear up the rubble. When Oliver's wrecking ball won't knock down the building, Ned comes to the rescue.
  7. On Site with Thomas - When Patrick the Cement Mixer declares himself the most important machine, a huge disagreement breaks out. Miss Jenny points out that they should all work as a team and Patrick feels very silly!
  8. Alfie Has Kittens - Alfie the Excavator is sent to help demolish a building, but the other machines tease him for being small. Later when a mother cat and her kittens are discovered in the building only Alfie is small enough to rescue them.
  9. A Happy Day for Percy - It's a muddy day on the site and Miss Jenny tells the machines to be careful. When Alfie sinks in the mud because Max and Monty are not taking care, Can Byron the Bulldozer save him?
  10. A Visit from Thomas - The team are building a new school and Oliver is being careful to do a good job. He discovers a complete dinosaur skeleton and is very proud when he ends up on the front page of the newspaper.
  11. Mud, Glorious Mud - Isobella does not like getting dirty, but when all the machines run out of diesel she has to get some more - by driving across some very muddy fields!
  12. Jack Owns Up*
  13. Percy's Scary Tale*
  • Only released on digital download in the UK.


  1. Rusty Saves The Day
  2. Edward's Brass Brand
  3. Big Strong Henry
  4. Thomas' Trusty Friends
  5. Dunkin Duncan
  6. Diesel Does It Again

The NetherlandsEditEdit

  1. A Story for Thomas
  2. Thomas and the Moles
  3. Kelly Blows Away
  4. Percy Lends a Hand
  5. The Tortoise and the Hare
  6. Thomas' Trusted Friends
  7. Building with Thomas
  8. Alfie Has Kittens
  9. A Lucky Day for Percy
  10. Thomas Visits
  11. Isobella Muddles Through


  1. A Story for Thomas
  2. Thomas and the Moles
  3. Kelly's Stormy Day
  4. Percy Helps Out
  5. The Tortoise and the Hare
  6. Thomas and his Loyal Friends
  7. With Thomas on Site
  8. Kittens for Alfie
  9. A Happy Day for Percy
  10. A Visit from Thomas
  11. The Mud Fight


Bonus Features (US only) EditEdit


  • On the back cover, images from A Friend In Need are used.


  • On the UK DVD back cover, Jack is mistakenly referred to as a digger.
  • In the US DVD captions, Cranky is misspelled as Frankie.
  • On the UK and international covers, wires can be seen in Thomas' cab.

DVD PacksEditEdit




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