• Emily as Lucy
  • Molly as Molly the Hippo
  • Henry as Nelson the Elephant
  • Mavis as Georgina the Giraffe
  • Lady as Doris the Duck
  • Belle as Nathalie the Antalope
  • Gordon as Ronald the Rhino
  • James as Zed the Zebra
  • Percy as Kevin the Corcodile
  • Thomas as Boris the Bear
  • Edward as Randolph the Raccon
  • Daisy as Audrey the Ostrich
  • Duck as The Snip Snip Bird
  • Rosie as Rosie the Rhino
  • Nia as Pauline the Pelican
  • Toby as Gary the Dromedary
  • Cranky as Mr. Bison
  • Diesel as Reginald the Lion
  • Murdoch as Dennis the Dromedary
  • Elezbeth as Melanie the Moose
  • Harold as Seamus the Stork
  • Boco as Snowbert the Polar Bear
  • Diesel 10 as Herucle Mustashe the Walrus
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