• Thomas as Gil
  • Emily as Molly
  • Mavis as Deema
  • Rosie as Oona
  •  James as Goby
  • Percy as Nonny
  •  Bertie as Bubble Puppy
  •  Gordon as Mr. Grouper
  •  Peter Sam as Little Fish
  •  Billy as Avi
  •  Molly as Avi's Mom
  •  Henry as Farmer Joe
  • Toby as The Airline Pirate
  • Bulgy as Fruitfly
  • Diesel as Gorillagator
  • Diesel 10 as Color Monster
  • Isobella as The Spring Chicken
  • Madge as Butterscotch
  • Skarloey as Clam
  • Spencer as Mr. Grumpfish (both are mean, but turn good)
  • Daisy as The Witch
  • Lady as Dragon Puppy
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