Version 1Edit

  • Thomas as Daniel Tiger (Thomas and Daniel Tiger are both the main characters.)
  • Rosie as Margaret Tiger
  • Annie as Katerina Kittycat (Percy can't be Katerina Kittycat, Percy is male and Katerina Kittycat is female)
  • Percy as O The Owl
  • Molly as Chrissie
  • Clarabel as Miss Elaina (James can't have 2 roles)
  • Nia as Jodi
  • Skarloey and Rheneas as Teddy and Leo
  • Emily as Mom Tiger
  • Gordon as Dad Tiger
  • Daisy as Henrietta Pussycat
  • Frank (from RWS) as X The Owl
  • Duck as King Friday
  • Flora as Queen Sarah Saturday
  • James as Prince Tuesday
  • Mavis as Lady Elaine Fairchilde
  • Edward as Music Man Stan
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Teacher Harriet
  • Lady Hatt as Doctor Anna 
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