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*Billy as Squirt
*Billy as Squirt
*Madge as Becky
*Madge as Becky
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[[Category:Finding Nemo Parodies]]

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  • Emily as Dory
  • Thomas as Marlin
  • Percy as Nemo
  • Gordon as Charlie
  • Mavis as Jenny
  • Toby as Bailey
  • Old Slow Coach as Destiny
  • Hank as Hank
  • James as Gill
  • Rosie as Deb
  • Stepney as Gurgle
  • Oliver as Bubbles
  • Henry as Bloat
  • Donald as Fluke
  • Douglas as Rudder
  • Dennis as Gerald
  • Isabella as Peach
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Mr. Ray
  • Duke as The School of Moonfish
  • Toad as Jacques
  • Edward as Crush
  • Billy as Squirt
  • Madge as Becky
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