• Gordon as Freddy Fazbear
  • Thomas as Bonnie the Bunny
  • Emily as Chica the Chicken
  • Henry as Foxy the Pirate Fox
  • James as Golden Freddy
  • Toby as Toy Freddy
  • Edward as Toy Bonnie
  • Molly as Toy Chica
  • Mavis as Mangle
  • The Flying Scotsman as Shadow Freddy
  • Ghost Gordon as Phantom Freddy
  • Ghost Emily as Phantom Chica
  • Ghost Henry as Phantom Foxy
  • Ghost Thomas as Phantom Bonnie
  • Duncan as Springtrap
  • Skarloey as Balloon Boy
  • Rheneas as The Puppet
  • Douglas (Duncan's Basis) as The Purple Guy
  • Evil Gordon as Nightmare Freddy
  • Evil Thomas as Nightmare Bonnie
  • Evil Emily as Nightmare Chica
  • Evil Henry as Nightmare Foxy
  • Evil Mavis as Nightmare Mangle
  • Eagle (From the RWS) as Fredbear
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