• Thomas as Iain Launchlan
  • Skarloey as Alex Henry
  • Rheneas as Dayle Hodge
  • Sir Handel as Katie Hunter
  • Peter Sam as Katie Lewis
  • Rusty as Rebecca Herod
  • Duncan as Shantel Boothe
  • Gordon as Paul Hicks
  • Mavis as Lucy Tuck
  • Emily as Sarah Davison
  • Percy as Dave Benson Phillips
  • Henry as SuperTed
  • James as Rupert Bear
  • Edward as Dusty the Dinosaur
  • Toby as Postman Pat
  • Molly as Michelle Durler
  • Oliver as Ozzy Octave
  • Rosie as Katy Stephens
  • Duck as Nick Mercer
  • The Engines as The Audience
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