• James as Gennis
  • Thomas as Lewis
  • Daisy as Gennis' Mom
  • Toby as Gennis' Dad
  • Edward as Herman
  • Gordon as Robby
  • Mavis as Wendy
  • Duck as Billy
  • Spencer as Wendy and Billy's Dad
  • Percy as Rodney
  • Rosie as Alice
  • Harvey as Mad Hatter
  • Henry as Mr. Winston
  • Stepney as Andrew
  • Oliver as Hamza
  • Donald and Douglas as Sam and Pat
  • BoCo as John
  • Terence as Eddie
  • Bill and Ben as Colin and Roddy
  • Diesel as Ermey
  • Diesel 10, Bulgy, Duncan, Arry and Bert, Splatter and Dodge, and Troublesome Trucks as Ermey's Soldiers
  • George as Mr. Michael Sense
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