• Duke and Skarloey as the 2 1869 people that had to hide the Jumanji Board Game
  • Thomas as young Alan Parrish
  • Rosie as young Sarah Whittle
  • Gordon as Alan's Dad
  • Molly as Alan's Mom
  • Henry as adult Alan Parrish
  • Emily as adult Sarah Whittle
  • Percy as Peter Shepherd
  • Lady as Judy Shepherd
  • James as Carl
  • Mavis as Nora
  • Edward as the wild animal catcher
  • Troublesome Trucks as Bats, Monkeys, and Mosquitos
  • Diesel as Van Pelt the hunter
  • Daisy as Mrs Thomas
  • Diesel 10 as lion
  • The Chinese Dragon as crocodile
  • The Evil Diesels as the stampede
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks as the spiders
  • Spencer and Henrietta as Judy & Peter's Parents
  • Annie and Clarabel as the 2 French Girls

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