Cast Edit

  • Thomas as Bugs Bunny
  • Emily as Lola Bunny
  • James as Tweety
  • Percy as Daffy Duck
  • Edward as Porky Pig
  • Oliver as Foghorn Leghorn
  • Dennis as Yosemite Sam 
  • Rosie as Penelope Pussycat
  • Duncan as Tazmanian Devil
  • Gordon as Sylvester
  • Henry as Wile E Coyote
  • Billy as Road Runner
  • Harold as Beaky Buzzard
  • Mavis as Granny
  • Bill as Hubie
  • Ben as Bertie
  • Toby as Charlie Dog
  • Hector as Hector the Bulldog
  • George as Elmer Fudd
  • Smudger as Pepe Le Pew
  • Arry & Bert as Rocky & Mugsy
  • Diesel as Marvin the Martian
  • Duck as Michigan J. Frog
  • Fergus as Sam Sheepdog
  • D261 as Raplt Wolf
  • Eilzabeth as Witch Hazel
  • Diesel 10 as Crusher
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