• Emily as Maggie
  • Thomas as Beast
  • James as Hamilton (James and Hamilton are both vain)
  • Stepney as Nedley
  • Percy as Rudy
  • Troublesome Trucks as Jelly Bean Team
  • Annie,Clarabel, and Henrietta as Moo Sisters

Version 2 (made by WatchfullKittycat32, no editing or deleting please!)[edit] Edit

  • Emily as Maggie
  • Murdoch as Beast
  • James as Hamilton
  • Billy as Nedley
  • Percy as Rudy
  • Peter Sam, BoCo, Lady, Skarleoy, Duncan, and Stepney as the Jelly Bean Team
  • Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta as the Moo Sisters
  • Cranky as Sidestep
  • Dilly as Big Duck
  • Henry as the Kindly Giant
  • Bert, Rex, and Mike as the Triplets
  • Gordon as Reggie Van Beast
  • Madge as Mother Whale
  • Flora as Baby Whale
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