• Thomas as Murray
  • Edward as The Lion
  • Salty as the Tiger
  • Gordon as The Condor  
  • James as The Ostrich
  • Percy as The Toucan
  • Duck as the Sheep
  • Emily as The Zebra
  • Rebecca as The Pig
  • Rosie as The Cheetah
  • Mavis as The Giraffe
  • Nia as The Cow
  • Murdoch as The Crocodile
  • Spencer as The Elephant 
  • Arthur as The Warlus
  • Sir Handel as The Spider Monkey
  • Skarloey as The Chameleon
  • Neville as The Gorilla
  • Fergus as The Sloth
  • Bertie as The Polar Bear
  • Terence as The Rhino
  • Rusty as the Penguin
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