(Cast Version 1)
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*Percy as Spike
*Percy as Spike
*Thomas as Flash Sentry
*Thomas as Flash Sentry
*Gordon as Big MacIntosh
*Gordon as Big Macintosh
*Henry as Cheese Sandwich
*Henry as Cheese Sandwich
*Madge as Princess Cadence
*Madge as Princess Cadence

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Cast Version 1

  • Emily as Twilight Sparkle
  • Belle as Rainbow Dash
  • Rosie as Pinkie Pie
  • Mavis as Rarity
  • Flora as Applejack
  • Molly as Fluttershy
  • Percy as Spike
  • Thomas as Flash Sentry
  • Gordon as Big Macintosh
  • Henry as Cheese Sandwich
  • Madge as Princess Cadence
  • Edward as Braeburn
  • James as Shining Armor
  • Lady Hatt as Princess Celestia
  • Pongi (from Pingu) as Soarin
  • Douglas as Flam
  • Bill as Snips
  • Ben as Snails
  • Elizabeth as Princess Luna
  • Daisy as Sunset Shimmer
  • Lady as Starlight Glimmer
  • Stepney as Prince Blueblood
  • Diesel as Discord
  • and more
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