• Emily as Face
  • Henry as Clown
  • Gordon as Astronaut
  • Toby as the Piece of Wood
  • Spencer as Big Voice Face
  • Murdoch as Big Face
  • Molly as Little Face
  • Duck as Painting Face
  • Diesel as Alligator
  • Oliver (Pack) as Crocodile
  • Percy as Orange
  • Edward as Grape
  • James as Banana
  • Thomas as Laughing Face
  • Harvey as Sad Face
  • Mavis as Burtha the Birthday Cake
  • Flora as Present
  • Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Elizabeth/George as Candles
  • Billy as Balloon
  • Boco as Party Hat
  • Stanley as Cupcake
  • Nelson as Birthday Card
  • Whiff as Noisemaker
  • Terence as Pepperoni Pizza
  • Jeremy as Mushroom Pizza
  • Smudger as Green Pepper Pizza
  • Patrick as Sausage Pizza
  • Trevor as Broccoli Pizza
  • S.C.Ruffey as Cauliflower
  • Harold as Milk
  • Bulgy as Monster Face
  • Isabella as Tuba
  • Freddie as Flute
  • Butch as Drums

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