Cast Edit

  • Thomas as Oscar Peltzer
  • Emily as Hedgehog
  • Rosie as Susie McAllister
  • Mavis as Alice Fefferman
  • Lady as Betsy Spellman
  • James as Max
  • Molly as Pajamas
  • Percy as Pepper
  • Flora as Lucy
  • Henry as Oliver
  • Henrietta as Alexa
  • Hannah as Lem
  • Gordon as Shark
  • Edward as Howard
  • Old Slow Coach as Ava
  • Toby as Mortimer
  • Millie as Blanche
  • Duck as Melvin
  • Isobella as Margot
  • Oliver as Freddie
  • Belle as Itsadee
  • Lady Hatt as The Sun
  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Moon
  • Hiro as Monster Under the Bed
  • Harold as Saxophone
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