• Thomas as Gene
  • Percy as Hi Five
  • Emily as Jailbreak
  • James as Poop
  • Daisy as Smiler
  • Diesel as Steven the Devil
  • Neville as The Christmas Tree
  • Caroline as The Cat Emoji
  • Derek as The Alien Emoji
  • Gordon as Mel
  • Molly as Mary
  • Bertie as Puppy
  • Duncan as Monkey
  • Rosie as Akiko Glitter
  • Madge as Doughnut
  • Elephant (from Henry and the Elephant) as Elephant
  • Mavis as Flamenco
  • Dennis as X Eyed Emoji
  • Stepney as Eggplant
  • Elizabeth as Felicia
  • Skarloey as Pizza
  • Rheneas as Cookie
  • Duck as Alex
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