• Thomas as Shane
  • Percy as David
  • Emily as Mrs. Foil
  • James as Puppet
  • Coaches as Schmuzzies
  • Mr. Conductor as The Voice
  • Bill as Knuckles
  • Ben as Pointy
  • Duck as Fido the Fly
  • Terence as Bob the Blanket
  • Trevor as Spot the Chair
  • Derek as Astronaut 
  • Donald and Douglas as Birds 
  • Toby as Alien
  • Mavis as Barbara
  • Henry as Snorer
  • Harold as Bugle Man
  • Daisy as Clarabelle
  • Troublesome Trucks as Fish
  • Oliver as Lefty
  • Molly as Lifeguard
  • Horrid Lorries as Marching Band
  • Kelly as Mr. Glue
  • Gordon as Elephant
  • Rosie as Mary Annette
  • George as Fog Room Goat 
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