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*Diesel as Boris
*Diesel as Boris
*Spencer as Horace
*Spencer as Horace
*Gordon as Timothy’s Dad
*Gordon as Timothy's Dad
*Molly as Timothy’s Mom
*Molly as Timothy's Mom
*Murdoch as Claude’s Dad
*Murdoch as Claude's Dad
*BoCo as Mr. Skunk
*BoCo as Mr. Skunk
*Duck as Big Frank
*Duck as Big Frank

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  • Thomas as Timothy
  • Emily as Yoko
  • Percy as Charles
  • James as Fritz
  • Rosie as Lily
  • Mavis as Doris
  • Daisy as Grace
  • Bill and Ben as Franks
  • Ashmie as Nora
  • Edward as Claude
  • Elizabeth as Miss Appleberry
  • Belle as Mrs. Jenkins
  • Bulgy as Morris
  • Diesel as Boris
  • Spencer as Horace
  • Gordon as Timothy's Dad
  • Molly as Timothy's Mom
  • Murdoch as Claude's Dad
  • BoCo as Mr. Skunk
  • Duck as Big Frank
  • Henry as Henry
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