Cast Edit

  • James as Hudson Horstachio
  • Thomas as Fergy Fudgehog
  • Percy as Paulie Pretztail
  • Henry as Franklin Fizzlybear
  • Bertie as Les Galagoogoo
  • Emily as Ella Elephanilla
  • Daisy and Toby as Tina and Teddington Twingersnap
  • Diesel as Langston Lickatoad
  • Diesel 10 as Professor Pester
  • Skarloey as Pecky Pudgeon
  • Rheneas as Pierre Parrybo
  • Elizabeth as Shirley Shellybean
  • Molly as Simone Cinnamonkey
  • Mavis as Mabel Moozipan
  • Duck as Dr. Quincy Quackberry
  • Oliver as Cecil Cocoadile
  • Boco as Chortles Chippopotamus
  • Lady as Beverly Badgesicle
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