• Thomas as Wallace
  • Percy as Gromit
  • Emily as Lady Tottington
  • Spencer as Victor
  • Hector as Hutch
  • James as Mr Growbag
  • Molly as Mrs Mulch
  • Donald as PC Macintosh
  • Diesel as Feathers McGraw
  • Arry and Bert as Feathers McGraws' Brothers
  • Dennis as The Moon Machine
  • Mavis as Wendolene
  • Diesel 10 as Preston
  • Toad as Shaun the Sheep
  • Toby as Vicar
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Sheep and the Rabbits
  • S.C. Ruffey as Phillip
  • The Jet Engine as The Wrong Trousers
  • Daisy as Piella
  • Rosie as Fluffles
  • BoCo as Mr. Mulch
  • Bulgy as Were-Rabbit
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