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Thomas & the Jet Engine and Other Adventures is a US VHS/DVD featuring 3 6th Season Episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin, 3 7th Season Episodes narrated by Michael Brandon and 1 Song.


2004 VHS/DVD:

PEEP! PEEP! All the Engines on the Island of Sodor work very hard to keep things running smoothly on Sir Topham Hatt's railway. But even with all this hard work, sometimes unexpected things can happen. Who would have guessed that Thomas would rocket past the Proud and fast Gordon, thanks to a surprising push from a jet engine? And is Percy's imagination getting the Best of Him, or are naughty gnomes really playing tricks around the Old Mine? Can horses fly? Well, Harold certainly can make them- especially when 1 needs a lift to a big Island celebration. And who says that engines are only Really Useful on the Tracks? See how Salty and Fergus save the Day when the Light goes out on the Island's Lighthouse during a big storm.

Join all of your Island friends as they go full steam ahead with some great adventures. And remember to always expect the Unexpected!


  1. Thomas and the Jet Engine
  2. Percy and the Haunted Mine
  3. Scaredy Engines
  4. Harold and the Flying Horse
  5. Bulgy Rides Again
  6. Salty's Stormy Tale


Bonus Features

  • Memory Madness game
  • Counting Corner game
  • What Came First? game
  • Character Cube
  • Web Fun



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