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Thomas & the Special Letter and Other Stories is a US VHS featuring six fourth season episodes narrated by George Carlin and one song. It was first released by Anchor Bay Entertainment and reissued by TV Static in 1995.


1995 VHS

PEEP! PEEP! Here comes Thomas the Tank Engine with the latest tales from the Island of Sodor. Come along for the ride as the engines take an exciting journey to a far away station. Help welcome Skarloey home from the menders and watch Oliver and Toad teach the trucks a lesson they'll never forget.

Join ThomasRustySir Handel, Daisy, and the rest of the gang for these brand new adventures with lots of new friends never before seen on TV!

So get your tickets ready for more freight yard fun with Thomas and Friends.


  1. Thomas and the Special Letter
  2. Home at Last
  3. Rock 'n' Roll
  4. Steam Roller
  5. Toad Stands By
  6. Bowled Out