Thomas Meets the Queen and Other Stories is a US VHS release featuring six fourth season episodes narrated by George Carlin and one song. It was distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment in 1997.


1997 VHS

PEEP! PEEP! Welcome to the Island of Sodor and exciting adventures with Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Henryhas an accident with a bucket of paint and it's up to Thomasand Gordon to save the day when the Queen visits the railway. Sir Handel learns just how troublesome the trucks can be and Daisy has to be brave when she comes face to face with a cow on the line.

Come along for the ride with all of your friends - on Sir Topham Hatt's railway, the fun never ends!


  1. Mind that Bike
  2. Train Stops Play
  3. Thomas Meets the Queen
  4. Bulls Eyes
  5. Special Funnel
  6. Four Little Engines



  • This is one of the two VHS releases to feature the Mail Van's Nameboard sequence.
  • This was the last VHS to feature the Video Treasures logo on-screen.
  • This was the last VHS to have George Carlin as the narrator in new material.
  • This VHS was never considered for a DVD release.
  • On the front cover and the spine, the title said "Thomas Meets the Queen & Other Stories," while the top of the case said "Thomas Meets the Queen & Other Thomas Stories" and the 1997 tape label said "Thomas Meets the Queen."
  • The 1998 VHS of this release has an Ink label.
  • Each nameboard sequence ends with the character that the next episode is about. Also, the first nameboard sequence starts with the post van, with the first episode being Mind That Bike.


  • The Description says that Daisy comes face to face with a cow, but it was really a bull. It also says that Sir Handel runs into trouble with Trucks when it was actually coaches.
  • Some of the 1997 VHS releases do not feature the Video Treasures logo, and as a result, start off with the Britt Allcroft logo.


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